Death Grips live

UPDATE: Death Grips’ reps tell us there was no tour, just two festival dates.


You’re not going to believe this, but Death Grips will not be showing up to their scheduled dates this fall. At least they’re letting people know in advance this time.

According to a Facebook post from Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, the noise-rap provocateurs have nixed their entire fall tour, including their FFF set:

We were hoping to not be a part of this, but unfortunately Death Grips has canceled their entire Fall tour. We have added FFF vets No Age to the Black Stage – more info to come.

Even if you think the group’s subversive approach to live performance is for the birds, it would be nice to see them out there doing something, right? Here’s hoping this means the band is going back to the studio and we’re approaching a year in which Death Grips makes headlines first and foremost for releasing exciting new music. In the meantime, maybe they can interest you in some NO LOVE DEEP WEB vinyl?

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  1. I bet they’re actually planning to play still. 1 up.

  2. You really have no one to blame but yourself if you’re still spending money on death grips tickets.

    • I know! If the most reliable band on Earth isn’t capable of fulfilling their tour commitments, how can we be sure that any other bands will actually play the shows they promise?

  3. Done defending Death Grips. Seems like they can’t handle the very mild success they’ve achieved.

    • Yeah, they’ve taken this ‘subversive’ schtick too far. Any other band that suddenly gained their level of semi-notoriety would be busting their asses to play everywhere possible, especially festivals. These guys are just starting to look confused.

  4. I’m not sure any promoter would ever want to book Death Grips again without a guaranteed cancellation fee in the contract.

    • Yeah, but then they wouldn’t pay, and the promoter would sue them, and they’d “leak” a fuck you e-mail and get press over it, and it’d be a giant headache for all parties involved, and so on and so forth. We all know exactly how that’d play out.

  5. “Death Grips will not be showing up to their scheduled dates this fall” – Since they have no other scheduled dates this fall, I think safe to assume that cancelling their FFF set as well as their fall tour is really just cancelling their FFF set.

  6. I want to like these guys again, but I’ll never forgive them for that stunt at the Lolla after-show. I left NIN early to get a good place at the venue, only to have to be subjected to the worst DJ I ever heard and then an angry mob when they didn’t show up. That’s a pretty crappy thing they pulled on people who are enough of a fan to buy a ticket in addition to seeing them at a festival.

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t just keep the tour in place and refuse to show up to any of the dates.

  8. Surprise, surprise. I think all future tour dates will be webcasted from someone’s backyard and looped continually. Damn you, Death Grips. I love you, but you just upped your alienation factor exponentially.

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