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One night after Chris Cornell and two Avett Brothers covered Pearl Jam’s “Footsteps” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the show’s Pearl Jam week continued with Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, Pearl Jam’s fellow Seattle rock dude, taking on the Vitalogy classic “Corduroy,” the band’s best song. This was Pecknold’s first time on TV in a couple of years, and he looks different, his hair newly short and his once-voluminous beard reduced to a ghost of a scruff. Pecknold performed with a one-off trio, Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen on guitar and Neal Morgan on drums, and offered up a stripped-back and trebly but intricate and convincing take on the song. Watch the performance below.

Robin Pecknold: Kinda handsome! Who knew!

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  1. I’d kill for a Pecknold/Rossen collaboration album. Remember those clips of them playing with Van Dyke Parks last year sometime? So good.

    This was pretty solid too… wish we could have heard some of Daniel’s crooning as well.

  2. two great, modern guitar noodlers and harmonizers delivered a cover that has neither. Hey guys, do you wanna make this cover your own or deliver at 2am sub-par live-band karaoke version……..ummmm, I guess we’ll do the karaoke version, does that work?

  3. woof! to Robin’s new haircut

  4. Love Fleet Foxes and Pecknold, but man alive was this boring. Took all the energy out of a super energetic and lively song. No value added here.

  5. He picked possibly the hardest PJ song to cover, given that it’s a tune that is PJ-energy personified. A novel chance worth checking out, and an interesting statement by Robin Pecknold. Dude definitely intrigues me.

  6. I’m going to put on my stylist’s cap here for a minute:

    I was partial to the full beard, but I think he is handsome either way. I didn’t care much for the long hair, but who am I to judge another man’s preference?

    What is with the old, dirty and stretched-out white t-shirt, though? I mean, if you’re about to go on (arguably) the best late night television program, would you be like, ‘Hey, I think I’ll sport this old, oversized, dirty undershirt!” No, probably not. I mean, doesn’t he have a few other favorite t-shirts that he could wear? I am not even criticizing him. In fact, I think he pulled it off. I am just curious.

    I have favorite shirts that I wear around the house… Like old undershirts that might have a rip or something. I get that. But I don’t wear those to work. I have other favorite shirts that I wear to work.

  7. how about that studio audience?? REALLY GETTING WILD WITH IT! somebody call the cops already!

  8. video wont work for me :( cant wait until jimmy takes over for leno so I can stay up to watch more often

  9. I really like how they played it pretty delicately most of the way through and then just let the noodling be their guide. Noodling can really screw a song up if too indulgent, but this was good. That song begs to be played with power behind it (not the power ballad kind). Also totally agree on Robin Pecknold = handsome YOWZA!

  10. Came across like a Dylan folk protest tune.

  11. Geezus…I love Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, but they completely neutered that song.

    • I enjoyed it, but I kind of agree with you. The guitars tones were too muted. The whole time I was listening I had a track of the guitars from the original running alongside in my head. I was waiting for them to come crashing in, but they never did.

  12. I now know who’s gonna be on top of the male section of my “Indie Rock Crush” ballot this year.

  13. Wow, reading some of the comments, and it’s like Tom’s CHVRCHES Album of the Week review all over again, with too much focus being put on the singer’s physical appearance and not the actual music. But it’s okay, because Pecknold is a guy, right? Tisk, tisk, tisk, Stereogum community for your double standards…

    • I hear what you are saying, but isn’t it less of a double standard since he is a guy and we are discussing his appearance? I mean, wasn’t that Lauren’s beef in the first place, that no one took her art seriously since she was a woman?

      In my opinion, people are going to discuss an artist’s looks. As long as it is done tastefully, it doesn’t bother me. In this particular instance, I do not think it should even be questioned due to his dramatic change in appearance. I mean, c’mon. He is like bizarro-Mangum here.

      I would hope that most people on this site can question someone’s appearance and still appreciate their art. FWIW, I think Robin looks great here. I only questioned his choice of shirt. Even that was more of a “I wonder why” thing. i think the CHVRCHES thing was more about blatant sexual comments being directed towards Lauren.

  14. Props to Fallon for calling out Daniel Rossen, and Neil. I was sad at first when he only introduced them as Robin Pecknold (although, after watching the video I realized that it’s Robin that is doing most of the work). But to have a man like Daniel Rossen stand on your stage and not even mention his name would have been a travesty.

  15. wish they did Thin Air instead

  16. Pretty “meh” cover with Rossen and the drummer really pulling out some awesome stops near the end. Pecknold’s choir boy voice is pretty bizarre for this song. I couldn’t see Rossen singing it either.

    It’s like they didn’t have anyone good to sing a Pearl Jam song so they figured that the next best way to get hipster kids to come was to team the guy from Grizzly and the guy from Fleet Foxes.

  17. When I read Robin was going to sing Corduroy, I was worried. Turned out to be pretty decent. I like that they molded it to their own style. Anyone who tries to out Pearl Jam Pearl Jam is bound to lose.

  18. First thing in a long time that has made me long to listen a Pearl Jam album. Woof.

  19. If only he wasn’t so modest and sang harder haha

    But I’m psyched they picked this song because Pecknold is the shit and curduroy is the only pearl jam song that ever did a little something for me.

    Fleet Fox albums in contrast were on repeat for months.

  20. RP and DR put their own take on a PJ song. That’s the whole point you thickos. If they wanted PJ they’d have asked…..PJ doh! I loved it personally. It rocked in its own little way. Just to have Robin BACK is a dream come true.

  21. I’m sayin’! That would be an amazing combo… I really like Daniel Rossen and Robin Pecknold; why is this not already a band?!?

  22. Wow. That comment coming from someone with that screen name almost sounds like a proposition. As much as I’d like a million dollars, I think I’ll just go listen to some more of the crap music that I seem to love so much.

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