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In 2010, Eminem and Rihanna went to No. 1 for seven weeks straight with “Love The Way You Lie,” an evocative duet that, uncomfortably, seemed to capitalize on Rihanna’s widely known status as a victim of domestic violence. That potent commercial tandem is back together on “The Monster,” a new single from Em’s upcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Graciously, Em seems to have toned down the it-goes-to-11 delivery that has characterized most of his recent singles, but anyone looking for the twisted lyricism and cartoonishly bonkers production of the original Marshall Mathers LP is in for a disappointment. (Em raps, “I’m actually weirder than you think,” but he’s not doing anything here to prove that by rapping over a beat that could just as easily be Flo-Rida.) “The Monster” is definitely a monster pop single, though; this thing will undoubtedly be blasting hourly on every Top 40 station in the country well into 2014. Familiarize yourself below.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out 11/5 via Interscope/Shady/Aftermath.

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  1. damn. this kind of blows.

  2. With everything that’s happened in hip hop over the last several years – from Das Racist to Kendrick Lamar to Drake and Yeezus – I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that all of the new Eminem stuff sounds as dated as it does. It’s kind of disappointing, though.

  3. Well this sucks.

  4. Had to turn it off at the yodel.

  5. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    I really wish Kendrick wasn’t associated with Dre because the #1 guy he should be calling out is Eminem.

  6. Voices inside of your head RiRi? Feigning schizophrenia for commercial gain? Yikes.

    Also Em, dude, just retire, let people forget the bad shit and just remember the classics. You got enough $$$$$$$ just settle down.

  7. These singles don’t mesh with the idea of the upcoming album as a sequel. In what way are these related to MMLP?

  8. This is pathetic. Are any actual Em fans buying into this trash? I just don’t understand what the demographic is for this. 14 year old Flo-Rida fans?

    Every time I hear a disc jockey play ‘Berzerk’ on the radio, I subconsciously expect them to immediately apologize or at least comment on how painful the next few minutes will be.

    The idea to call this album a sequel to the Marshal Mathers LP is the most ironically offensive thing about it to me. Not only did he have to make another overly-commercialized shitty album, but he seems giddy a the idea to deface the name of anything authentic he might have done early in his career. It’s a complete 180 from everything the first album stood for. What would happen if an interviewer sat him down and asked him about this? What would he have to say for himself?

    He feeds us a shit sandwich and insists on calling it a steak, people need to be more upset about this.

  9. The most important thing about this sound for me is the comment someone left on the soundcloud player saying to follow them on instagram.

  10. It’s actually funny this song is called “The Monster” because my first reaction to hearing it was “AUGHHH, KILL IT! KILL IT! KILL IT!”

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