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The great transgressive author Bret Easton Ellis has a new podcast, and he scored a major coup for his first guest: Kanye West. In the hour-long episode, which includes the first part of a two-page conversation, West and Ellis talk about movies, which means we get to hear West expounding on 12 Years A Slave and Menace II Society and Flight, as well as “the skill set to dress nice” and his own maturity issues. West and his DONDA company made a trailer for the Ellis-written movie The Canyons, and West directed a promo video for Yeezus based on Ellis’s American Psycho, but it’s still a weird thrill to hear them in a room together. Listen to it here. UPDATE: And here’s part 2.

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  1. “The Last Temptation of (Yeezus) Christ”

  2. sucks that he never talks about music anymore.

  3. The greatest modern transgressive novelist interviewing today’s most prolific contributor to transgressive pop music. If Lars Von Trier was in the room the universe would literally explode.

    This is literally the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

  4. Listening to the beginning of the podcast where they talk about movies having a profound effect on your when you’re young, I couldn’t help but think “The Rules of Attraction” did that for me!

    So later in the podcast when Bret says that his favorite adaptation of his books was “The Rules of Attraction” had me fist-pumping in the air for some reason. Great movie. It got me to read most of his books.

    It’s also the reason when people talk about loving American Psycho (the movie) I ask them if they read the book, then shake my head in disgust when they say no. Seriously, that movie has NOTHING on the mind fuck you get from actually reading it.

    • I agree that the book does a better job at elaborating on the ending which seems to be a pretty big topic of discussion from film viewers. With that being said, the movie (imo it’s Bale’s best performance) does such a great job that I feel like it’s a rare example where I don’t feel like I need to be all like “omg you gotta read the boook.”

      I firmly believe Glamorama is the best book he has written and could gush over that book for days.

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