Kanye West - "Bound 2" Video (Feat. Kim Kardashian)

Kanye West was a guest on Ellen this morning, and he took the opportunity to debut the video for his disarmingly personable Yeezus closer “Bound 2,” just as he’d done with the “Love Lockdown” video in 2008. “Bound 2″ is the one song on the album that drops the industrial chest-rattle sound and returns him to the doofy soul-sampling Kanye of old, but the video doesn’t exactly resurrect the old Kanye video persona. Instead, it features him and topless fiancee Kim Kardashian going on a green-screened desert motorcycle ride, and it’ll take a little bit to figure out what all’s going on there. Nick Knight directed the video, and you can watch it and Kanye’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres below.

UPDATE: Here’s the explicit version…

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Yeezus is out now on Def Jam.

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  1. Not sure if troll or genius.
    The Brenda Lee sample is a wonder, but now it is forever tainted by the L’Oreal face of Kim K.
    All this is too meta for me, probably.

  2. instagram: the video

  3. Kim’s nipples were too hungover to show up for the shoot.

  4. This video is hilarious. Especially up until it shows Kanye for the first time. It’s like an ad is playing before the video starts.

  5. Can’t wait for all the thinkpieces and blog posts about how Kim is naked and Kanye isn’t.

  6. So, Kim takes off her top for a music video but won’t in a porno? (*Kanye scream sound*) Heuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!?!

  7. Maybe Kanye controls everything Kim says, wears and does. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

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  9. Haven’t watched yet. Will the video ruin the song for me?

  10. It’s annoying to me when an artist so BLATANTLY rips off another artist’s video. Kanye should be ashamed of himself.


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  12. Riding a motorcycle with a topless woman on your lap seems unsafe.

  13. Has he moved into satire?

  14. This is so them

  15. What the what? So that’s two absurdly bad videos for Yeezus with weird dated FX. I’m not even sure if it’s on purpose.

    • You’re right. There is no way he has the budget for anything more than this.

    • My first thought after seeing the video was that it had to be filmed in Studio City for whatever Kanye had in his pocket at the time. It’s not very expensive to dry-hump on a motorcycle in front of a green screen.

      • You’d be surprised at how it eats away at your savings when you do it every weekend. I’m in serious financial difficulties.

  16. In all seriousness, I was really hoping that Kanye would cop Future of the Left’s idea of Kim Kardashian being chased by a giant bear wearing a mask which carries the visage of recently deceased film director Michael Winner…

    But alas… Maybe for ‘Blood on the Leaves’…

  17. I love it – this a beautiful hommage to Serge Gainsbourga and Jane Birkin videos for Melody Nelson.


  19. Well this is weird – are we sure Kim is human? Where the areolas at? North gotta eat!

  20. Sometimes I feel like Kanye makes something I like only to then do everything in his power to try to not make me not like it. It’s the ultimate ego move because at the end of the day he knows I’m still gonna like it at least a little.

  21. Pretentiousness, thy name is Kanye

  22. All this has got to be on purpose by now. The Bret Easton Ellis American Psycho promo, the Black Skinhead video, now this… He’s gotta be messing with us. Oh, Kanye.

  23. this would be cool, but the world already knows what it looks like to fuck kim kardashian

  24. Saw this quote on youtube and made me totally rethink this video, which I originally thought of as awful:

    “This video presents some of the most stereotypical, if not corny American stereotypes. The desert. The galloping stallions. The beautiful woman. The soft porn. The lone ranger riding his motorcycle into the sunset. And it is all presented in such a simple and uninspiring way that it is almost a mockery of these things. The only thing not stereotypically American here, is the fact that the lone ranger is black.
    So why is Kanye doing this? Well it is pretty simple, he is taking White American culture, and he is replacing it with a black skin head. This is essentially an aggressive cultural takeover that the average person probably doesn’t even realise is happening. Why else would he debut the video on the Ellen show? It is a white American talk show, with a white American demographic. This man is literally destroying white American stereotypes by making them revolve around him. The funniest part is, hardly anyone realises it. Oh and who is White America’s favourite ‘white’ person? Jesus. I’m sure you all get where I’m going with this.”

    Either Kanye’s a fucking genius or just unbelievably cheesy…or both.

  25. The laws of physics disagree with this video: her hair is blowing opposite the direction the bike is moving.

  26. They have about as much chemistry as Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.

  27. Wow! I just…..I mean…..wow. Is this what passes for genius these days? Now I’ve been hating on this moron for a long time now, to the point where I don’t even bother listening to a lot of his stuff because I just can’t process the claims of brilliance that are bestowed on him when put against the appalling rapping that comes out of his mouth. The whole “bad reputation/sad reputation/ mad reputation” bit? The “Can you remember where we first met? Okay, I can’t remember where we first met” bit? “Wanna fuck you on the sink, then make you something to drink”? I mean, is this a joke I’m not getting? This is some of the most awful rapping I’ve heard in a long time, and yes, that’s probably because I don’t listen to things like 2Chains and Rick Ross and shit like that who are probably even worse from the tiny bits I have heard, but how, under any definition of the word, no matter how loosely you’re using it, does this guy qualify as a genius?

    • By the way, I only watched this crap coz someone sent me the Franco/Rogan parody and I thought I wouldn’t appreciate it without seeing this first, but how it can be any funnier than this rubbish I can’t imagine.

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