Kathleen Hanna The Punk Singer

There’s a new documentary about feminist punk queen bee Kathleen Hanna coming out on Black Friday. It’s called The Punk Singer, and below, you can preview a 90-second snippet from the film. In the clip, Hanna — whose latest band the Julie Ruin made its grand entrance this year with debut album Run Fast — explains how she got her valley girl accent. It also explains what a fanzine is for those just getting the hang of the whole DIY punk thing. Have a look.

The Punk Singer opens in theaters and on demand 11/29, and the Julie Ruin’s Run Fast is out now via TJR/Dischord. Read our interview with Hanna here.

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  1. She never sounded dumb to me ever. She is one of the smartest people I’ve met and see play live. I adore her.

  2. reminder that kathleen hanna has supported transphobic organizations

    • http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/08/girls-like-us-a-qa-with-kathleen-hanna.html

      “Q: The [riot grrrl] movement has gotten a lot of criticism over the years. How has it changed for the better?

      A: To make riot grrrl move into the future in a new way with a bunch of new names and a bunch of new energy, younger people have to learn about it and apply it to their own lives and own modern conversation. And they are. The conversation is much more modern than the one we were having then because we didn’t have a crystal ball. “Transgender” wasn’t even a term in the nineties. There is a lot of conversation happening now about being more inclusive of trans people and rectifying the criticism that the scene wasn’t inclusive of women of color. I think all of those conversations are really wonderful. Hopefully the critique will create something.”

      While it’s misleading to say transgender wasn’t a “term” in the nineties, I don’t think anyone should hold it against her. Clearly she isn’t transphobic herself (according to this article)

      • however she played the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival with Le Tigre, which has a “women-born-women” policy. nobody without a vagina is allowed, whether you identify as a woman or not.

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