Riff Raff - "How To Be The Man"

The great rap weirdo and meme-generator Riff Raff has been talking up his proper debut album Neon Icon for something like two years now, and apparently it’s finally coming sometime next year. In any case, it now has a debut single, called “How To Be The Man,” and the white-hot West Coast ratchet music producer DJ Mustard gave it a beat. If you’re familiar with the work of these two gentlemen, it probably won’t come as a huge surprise that Riff’s gonzo playfulness meshes very well with Mustard’s beepy, minimal hook-machines. Listen to the track below.

(via Complex)

Neon Icon is apparently coming out next year on Mad Decent.

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  1. So it’s come to posting new Riff Raff songs eh?

  2. this is dope. why the hate?

  3. This just goes to prove that NE1 can rap? All you need is lyrics that say nothing and a good beat. I’m not going to lie, I like it, I like rap, but if you have the right contacts and can get good beats, I could be famous…

    I am rich as ___________
    I am dope as ____________
    I get _________ women
    I drive a ________
    I wear ___________
    I travel to _____________

    There, I’m as good as Lil’ Wayne.

  4. RiFF RAFF’s indecision about being “the white Danny Glover” or “the white Eddie Murphy’ is pretty much the best thing I’ve heard all week.

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