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Rumors have been swirling for a minute, but Kanye West has now confirmed it: His partnership with Nike is over, and he’ll now be making clothes with Adidas. In recent interviews, he’s been venting about how corporate and fashion-world power-brokers are refusing to partner up with him, or to take him seriously. And in a new interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, Kanye says exactly why he left Nike and why he’s going to the rival company. Kanye’s issues with Nike stem from his belief that they weren’t pushing his Air Yeezy sneakers hard enough, or taking their release seriously. And he also says that they were refusing to pay him royalties because he’s not a professional athlete: “Michael Jordan has 5%, that business is $2 billion. He makes a $100 million dollars a year off of 5% royalties. Nike told me we can’t give you royalties because you’re not a professional athlete. I told them, ’I go to the Garden and play one-on-no-one. I’m a performance athlete.’ He says while he still loves Nike, he needs to take the Adidas deal because now that he’s a father he has to provide for his family. Kanye also promises that he’s going to be “the Tupac of product,” which is an amazing and ridiculous thing to say about yourself, and bigger than Walmart. Watch the interview below.

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There’s also talk of another solo album by next summer.

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  1. Is Adidas in again? Last I heard, they were doing pretty shitty from a sales standpoint overall because of Under Armour moving on up. As far as the fashion side of things, I haven’t paid much attention to the battle of the logos since swoosh-swoosh pants were a thing. Does this mean we’re going to all start wearing white-swoosh pants with three stripes down the side, and if you by the nylon ones as opposed to the proper warm-up pants types, it’ll mean we’ll be seeing dudes underwear beneath the nylon swoosh-swoosh material?

  2. Ah yes the hard decision every father must make to provide for his family, design a shoe for Nike or Adidas

  3. That’s pretty cool Kanye.

    Im really proud of you, and so is everyone else!

  4. Who releases a song called New Slaves while concurrently holding deals with companies that are known for exploitation of child labour. Beyond all the empty aesthetic appropriations its clear that Kanye West doesn’t care about exploited people.

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