Kanye West & Sway

Kanye West has been on about a million radio shows in the last few days, but he’s only rapped over a Nine Inch Nails song on one of them. I’m already on record as saying I think Yeezus is the best Nine Inch Nails album of 2013 (even though there’s a great actual Nine Inch Nails album that came out this year), so this seems cosmically appropriate. Near the end of his contentious interview with Sway Calloway on Shade 45′s Sway In The Morning Show, Sway successfully badgered Kanye into doing something off the dome. This mostly meant he grunted for a couple of seconds, said a few stray words, and did zero actual rapping. And then he called it the first-ever freestyle with no rhymes. So I guess what I’m saying is: Don’t expect a miracle here. First watch Kanye yell at Sway at the 17-minute mark, then hear the freestyle at 31:07.

“I like Nine Inch Nails, though.”

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  1. The best part was when Sway said that they could turn off the mic’s and go real… Kanye is a crazy mofo. Good music… but man, seriously, what is he? A Scientoligist?

  2. I’m sway, and this is my inexplicable head wrap

  3. And that’s the sway it is :)

  4. Matt Moskal  |   Posted on Nov 27th, 2013 +1

    “You ain’t got the answer, Sway,” is going to pop up on Yeezus II in the song “Bound 3″.

  5. Gotta admit, I was pretty impressed with Sway coming back at Kanye after Kanye went off on him. He actually got an “I’m sorry” out of that stream of consciousness around the 20 minute mark.

    All that being said, dude is super bipolar and should probably be on medication to control those peaks and valleys. Every interview I see with Kanye I initially laugh at how ridiculous he is, but then slowly feel awful for him. It takes a lot for me to feel bad for a Kardashian, but could you imagine having to live with that hurricane every day? It would be terrifying.

    • I seriously do believe he has type II bipolar disorder, however I don’t think I have scene any “valleys” in these interviews. This is just textbook mania and technically he should be prescribed lithium carbonate to become a rational person again. However you can pretty much guarantee that a lithium regiment is gonna reduce his creative abilities to nill.

      At the end of the day we need to deal with the fact that this crazy shit is going to happen if he’s going to make good music. I am of the conviction you have to believe you’re the best before you can be it, but rational people in 2013 would never compare themselves to Shakespeare.

      Kanye West for president 2024.

      • seen*

        Wow that’s a bad one.

      • Gotta agree with pretty much everything you said. I appreciate Kanye for everything he creates, but I can’t help but feel bad that his creativity is destroying him.

        It’s like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (?) when you use the special move by hitting jump and attack at the same time. Sure, it is powerful and helps you get where you want to go, but it also ticks off a little bar of your own health. Unless you only have one health bar left, then it’s a different story…

        (Kanye is Raphael)

  6. With all this “crazy” Kanye talk, I’m reminded of this.


    around the 5:13 mark.

  7. “watch the parts where ‘ye looks bad, skip the rest.” – you.

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