Destiny's Child - "Bills, Bills, Bills"

The 1999 single “Bills, Bills, Bills” wasn’t Destiny’s Child’s first hit, but it was the track that turned them into a gleaming future-pop machine, and today it stands as a classic of R&B’s undyingly awesome herky-jerk digital-sheen era. James Blake, whose love of that era is no secret, recorded a remix of the track a few years ago under his Harmonix alias, and has now just shared a download via Soundcloud. It’s a dramatic overhaul — pitching down the group’s vocals, adding fast-ride drums, and giving the whole thing an itchily playful feel. Download his version below.

If this remix doesn’t lead to you immediately rewatching the “Bills, Bills, Bills” video, you’re doing it wrong.

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  1. I love that everybody’s treating this like it’s new. Great remix nonetheless.

  2. “Automo-bills”

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