Sam Smith Money On My Mind

Last week I was out here calling the young British soul singer Sam Smith our next Jeff Buckley after hearing his dumbfounding demo “Not In That Way.” For his latest song, which for whatever reason is being touted as his debut single, he’s back to the club-crushing theatrics he first displayed as the vocalist on Disclosure’s breakout hit “Latch.” This new jam is called “Money On My Mind,” but the title is a fake-out; it’s all about how Smith doesn’t have money on the mind because he does it for the love. It’s a sleek and propulsive metropolitan soul number you could imagine Cee Lo Green performing far less gracefully. Listen below and be glad Smith got his hands on instead.

The “Money On My Mind” single isn’t out officially until 2/16/2014, which seems like a lot of lead time for a song that’s already online, but hey, we’re just happy it’s here to hear right now.

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  1. What a fucking voice on this guy.

    I can’t decide if I hate or love the fact that you can see upcoming shifts in the song by the soundwaves (or whatever) that soundcloud shows. I saw that impeding big-ass chorus and would have rather been surprised.

  2. Quite in love with this track. The opening sequence is enough to have me hooked, but as he introduces his vocals I’m beyond captivated. The Cee Lo reference is gold, btw.

  3. Great sound, voices, cool, addictive. Only once heard, and has been engraved in my mind. Excellent job.

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