ASAP Rocky fan letter

So Graceson is a kid in North Carolina who sent a fan letter to A$AP Rocky, except he somehow accidentally sent it to the streetwear company Mishka, where a staffer naturally posted it on Instagram, as Vice points out. It should be a life goal for all of us to get a fan letter like this. And it should be a life goal for Rocky to visit King, North Carolina, just because.

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  1. Sounds like this kid might be a gummer. Wait a minute… Michael_??

  2. Kid needs to pay a little more attention in English and Composition class yeesh.

  3. Oh lawd, i weep for the future

  4. I like how he brags about knowing this information but addresses him as “A$AP”.

  5. Man, little kids are so dumb, right guys?

  6. Love this kid. Straight from the heart. Hope he gets to meet A$AP. It’s pathetic that all you guys can conjure up is ripping on his grammar. WGAF. Least he’s real.

  7. It seems like trolling.

    8/10, not bad. Closing sentence too obvious.

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