ceo My Liquor

“Hold My Liquor” is one of the darkest, most despairing selections on Kanye West’s Yeezus, a resplendent lament that somehow synthesizes Justin Vernon’s falsetto croon, an autotuned Chief Keef’s melodic groan, and Ratatat-style frenetic digi-guitar by producer Mike Dean into a coherent composite of sadness. So it’s not the most obvious choice for a cover by Swedish pop auteur Eric Berglund aka CEO. But here he is turning the tune into a cross between a Panda Bear song and a children’s Christmas hymn. Happy holidays?

CEO’s Wonderland is out 2/4/14 via Modular People, but this song is not on it. In the meantime, can anybody tell what he’s singing in place of the N-word here?

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  1. This rules. Dude should cover the whole album in this fashion. It’d be a vast improvement.

    I wonder how long before jj covers one of the yeezus cuts in their typical jj way. I’m guessing before the year’s out.

  2. “…can anybody tell what he’s singing in place of the N-word here?”

    Ay-Ya-Ya? I’m admittedly pretty bad at deciphering lyrics but that’s what it sounds like, so I’m in the boat with you wondering what it is. Maybe something Swedish? Somebody help!

    Also this is an amazing cover. Anybody who heard ceo’s “Halo” cover knew before clicking play this was going to be terrific.

    Brevity is key.

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