Dev Hynes

Last night Blood Orange mastermind Dev Hynes returned home to find his New York apartment completely destroyed by a fire. He lost music, hard drives, clothing, food, and sentimental items — literally everything he owns. Worst of all, his dog, Cupid, died in the blaze. At present it’s unclear how the fire started.

Hynes detailed the carnage in a series of tweets:

Career-wise, its been a banner year for Hynes after a long and occasionally treacherous climb through the music industry. His Album Of The Week-worthy Cupid Deluxe appeared on many best-of lists including ours. This, though, is an unbelievably terrible way to wrap up his triumphant 2013. Here’s hoping Hynes rebounds from this setback quickly.

UPDATE: Samantha Urbani’s mother is collecting donations to Hynes on this GoFundMe page.

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  1. Someone should start a Kickstarter and buy Dev a puppy. Poor guy.

  2. Finding out his dog is named Cupid makes it that much sadder. :(

    • This is really sad news. My deepest condolences, Mr. Hynes.

      By the way, and I don’t want to sound insensitive, but had his (now late) dog anything to do with his recent record? Well, the name, you know…?

  3. His girlfriend’s dad already has. $8,000 in just a few hours. Impressive!

  4. Wow that’s really sad. Poor Cupid

  5. :( Very sorry to hear Devonte.

  6. Yeah, I’m donating some money. This is horrible. Poor guy.

  7. Man. Very sad to hear. I was hating on him for a while but seriously wouldn’t wish this one anyone.

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