Jay-Z Signs Grimes To Roc Nation Management

Now it looks like Jay Z and Grimes have more than just being vegans in common. The rapper’s Roc Nation management company announced via tweet that the Canadian musician has been added to their roster. In a Tumblr post following the announcement, Grimes throws up an Illuminati hand sign (in a move that will fuel conspiracy theorists for years to come) and says that she’s “joined the x men.” Roc Nation is also home to fellow indie stars Haim, M.I.A., and Santigold. Grimes is currently working on the followup to 2012′s Visions.

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  1. jay z is a shit vegan

    • Jay Z & Beyonce becoming a vegan for a few weeks will likely do more for the cause of vegan/vegetarianism than any single vegan can do. Not everyone has the willpower to fully sustain a vegan lifestyle, but if prominent people can promote these type of things, even in half-measures, it’s a positive outcome. I don’t understand why vegans (and vegetarians) don’t realize this.

      • Because most vegans/vegetarians don’t give a shit about any cause, they just need to feel superior to people around them

        • yeah that, and its not just a f*cking trend!
          “i’m totally vegan, i just eat fish and chicken, and if someone hands me a burger i don’t wanna seem like an arrogant ahole so i eat that too. go vegan!!!”

  2. Roc Nation gets Grimes, G.O.O.D. Music gets Evian Christ, but which electronic artist does OVO get?

  3. Mariners should sign her. They need more than just Cano.

  4. Mariners should sign her, Cano won’t win them the series by himself.

  5. And people thought I was ridiculous for comparing Visions to Kevin Durant’s 2011-2012 season.

  6. On the one hand I’m happy, because Claire definitely deserves it. But part of the charm of Grimes is her quirkyness and I’m afraid some of this will go away when she’s producing her first album under new management. Please don’t change Grimes!

  7. Incoming Jay-Z feature…

  8. one of us – one of us – one of us – one of us

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