Haim Kimmel

Haim hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to unfurl a pair of Days Are Gone jams. “Forever” was recorded for the TV broadcast, and they tacked on “The Wire” as an online extra. You know them, you love them, you will watch them again now.

Days Are Gone is out now via Columbia.

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  1. legs. legs. legs.

  2. Over/Under 3 Haim songs on the new season of Girls?

  3. Am I the only on that thinks the lead singer looks like Evangeline Lilly? Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Lost.

  4. I’m cool with the fact that there are mixed feelings about Haim out there, but they continue to win me over every time I see a live performance, new video, random appearance, etc.

  5. dat bass face

  6. Don’t get the hype…

  7. Only a thousand sets of three siblings bought that first Hanson album but everyone of them started a band. (HAIM, Jonas Brothers, Kings Of Leon)

  8. Will I ever get tired of them? Not in this universe, no sir.

  9. I really like these girls, but when I see stuff of them live I can’t help but wish they had a larger vocal range.
    It’s like when you need to take a breath past a certain point to where the breath is satisfying, their range just doesn’t satisfy. Even though I did like the album a lot.

  10. I like them, but only their studio performances. Their stage presence lacks energy and so do their voices…

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