Rick Ross - "The Devil Is A Lie"

The Rick Ross collab “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” was easily the best song on Jay Z’s last album Magna Carta Holy Grail, and now Jay has returned the favor, showing up on Ross’s new single “The Devil Is A Lie” and sounding more engaged than he has lately. It always feels like an event when these two link up, and this track, with its hard-slamming soul-sampling beat and its whole “we’re not in the Illuminati, duh” message, might be their best collab yet. Listen below.

(via Nah Right)

Ross’s new album Mastermind is coming sometime soon on Def Jam.

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  1. Best song on MCHG!? You mean worst right?
    Anyway I gotta admit Jigga snapped on this even though i’m not his biggest fan and this beat OH LORDDD!!! I need to know who produced this

    • “easily best” too!! hhahaha its gotta be a joke surely, i thought it was a pretty universal opinion that the song was basically jay trying (and failing) to sneak an in fashion trap song onto his album

      • I was about to comment on the exact same thing — the beat is pretty good, but “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” has probably the worst verses on the entire album. Surely “Oceans” is the best on that album. Maaaaaaaaaaybe “F.U.T.W.” or “Heaven.” But not the song with Ross. No, no, no, no, no.

        • Yeah I love Oceans (mainly because of Frank) but Jay’s corny Ocean’s 11 line just kills the mood a bit for me. The beat in F.U.T.W. is incredible, probably my favourite on the album. Heaven is a highlight too but I think my favourite is Nickels and Dimes i mean a Gonjasufi sample/feature on a Jay album is so fresh.

  2. Jay-Z’s first good song in a while.

  3. Anyone else notice how on the last Rick Ross song Jigga was featured on (2010′s “Free Mason”) Jay has a whole Lucifer-themed verse, including the line “The devil is alive, I feel him breathing”? Seriously, “the devil is alive” to “the devil is a lie” in three years. I can’t keep up with rap’s theology.

  4. Am I the only person who thinks this is really uninteresting? I won’t listen to this again any time soon. I just don’t see much very engaging about it. It has that nice soul sample, and the in-style trap beat, but it sounds to me as awfully formulaic.

    • Didn’t do much for me either. I seem to either love Rick Ross (most of the early hits, “Mafia Music,” “100 Black Coffins”) or just find him completely boring.

      I did enjoy his verse on that last Nas album.

  5. i just wanna know nigga is it alright if a nigga respond using the word nigga. cuz if it aint alright nigga to use the word nigga on this site in comments then why play songs wtith it nigga?

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