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It seems a little early for L.A. fuzz-pop pumpkin smashers Silversun Pickups to drop their career-spanning retrospective on us, but that’s what’s happening. The band’s best-of, The Singles Collection, is coming next month, and it doesn’t even have “Lazy Eye” on it! Just kidding. It definitely has “Lazy Eye” on it. It also has one new track, as per best-of collection regulations. “Cannibal,” synthier than most of the band’s songs, rides a blippy keyboard riff and has some candy-rave in its arrangement. Listen below.

(via Rolling Stone)

The Singles Collection is out 2/25 on Dangerbird.

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  1. Excitedly clicked on the link hoping to also read news that there was a new surprise SP album dropping this year…but, no :( Waaay too soon for a greatest hits LP. Really nice track though. Neck of the Woods was strong, but they should go in Cannibal’s direction and shorten the tracks and keep them intense.

  2. Greatest hits? Seriously?

  3. Eh, I’d have preferred all-new material, but as a crazed SSPU fan, I’ll take this :P

  4. I don’t know what’s more surprising – the fact that SSPU already are releasing a greatest hits album, or that this new track is less than 5 minutes long.

  5. SSPU. That’s like a really stinky boat or something.

  6. Finally, you can download ‘Lazy Eye’, ‘Panic Switch and ‘Bloody Mary’ from one single, solitary webpage instead of having to go through the time-robbing rigamarole of having to shuffle through three pages on iTunes. Man, 2014! The Future!

  7. It’s a “singles collection” y’all, not a “greatest hits”. Just the tiniest bit or research would show you that the first track, ‘Kissing Families’ has never appeared on a SP album. Also, the box set version which contains six 7″ singles includes a second new song. Lastly, they’ve released enough material to do a b-sides collection like this as well. Like, geez, when did everyone become so jaded about EVERYTHING? … oh wait… I’m sorry… when did Al Gore invent the internet?

  8. ‘Cannibal’ is clearly from their Adore sessions.

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