Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes

Bruce Springsteen’s 18th album High Hopes is now streaming online. The 12-track LP is a collection of covers, outtakes, and rerecordings of old songs. It includes takes on the Saints’ “Just Like Fire Would,” Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream,” and Tim Scott McConnell’s “High Hopes” along with new studio recordings of his 2000 Amadou Diallo tribute “American Skin (41 Shots)” and 1995 album title track “The Ghost Of Tom Joad.” Springsteen’s backed on the album by the E Street Band (including the late Danny Federici and Clarence Clemons) and frequent collaborator Tom Morello, who the Boss has credited as his muse on the project. Ron Aniello, Brendan O’Brien, and Springsteen himself produced.

In a promotional tie-in, three songs from High Hopes will appear in next week’s episode of CBS legal drama The Good Wife. (In recent years, Springsteen compositions have appeared in CBS series How I Met Your Mother, CSI: NY, and Cold Case which used nine of the rocker’s songs in a 2006 episode.)

Of course, if you’re a huge Springsteen fan you may have already heard the album online: accidentally leaked High Hopes by temporarily making it available for digital purchase via its mobile site late last month.

Stream it below via CBS and tell us where it ranks on the Springsteen albums from worst to best list.

High Hopes is out 1/14 via Columbia.

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  1. As far as recent outputs post-2000, I’d rank it above Working On a Dream, We Shall Overcome and Wrecking Ball, but behind Devils & Dust, Magic, The Rising and The Promise.

    It’s pretty experimental by Springsteen terms, which I think is going to piss off the dad rock contingent, but tell me that “Harry’s Place” isn’t what Arcade Fire’s “Normal Person” should have been.

    And then there’s songs like “This Is Your Sword” which I don’t think I can listen to until St. Patty’s Day in order to appreciate more.

    I really like, though.

    • Don’t mean to play semantics with you, but though The Promise was released post-2000, I don’t think it counts as part of that output as it’s all old recordings (as oppose to this record, which is new recordings of old songs).

      I’d rank High Hopes above Working on a Dream but below the rest of the post-2000 stuff.

  2. He’s angling for worst album cover of the year, that’s for sure.

  3. The album has it’s moments. Down in the Hole is a great song that sounds musically similar to I’m on Fire but the lyrics of someone searching for a loved one in the carnage at ground zero. I have no idea why he left this off the Rising. Some of the traditionalist Springsteen fans are complaining about Morellos solo on Ghost of Tom Joad but I think it’s the highlight of the album and one of my favorite musical moments on any Springsteen recording.

  4. On the album cover it looks like the Boss is having a sword fight with his twin.

  5. If you listen closely, you can hear Rolling Stone already preparing their 5-star review

  6. The melodies, lyrics, and instrumentation are all unoriginal and rudimentary. If it were just any band, this would be mostly a toss-off, but since it’s the Boss, it’s more an unworthy disappointment. “The Ghost of Tom Joad” is the lone exception, although the version with Morello at 2009 Hall of Fame Award is far far more exciting.

  7. Rolling Stone’s #1 record of 2014

  8. It’s not fair for me to judge this based on part of one song but it guts me that one of the best unreleased cuts, American Skin, was fucked around with here. That was a perfectly good song and it didn’t need a bunch of pointless production flourishes. Bummer.

  9. Anyone else think he looks like Joe Strummer on the (awful awful) cover?

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