British shoegaze legends Slowdive are one of the few massively important ’90s guitar bands (or at least, the ones without dead frontmen) who haven’t reunited yet, but there’s still a very good chance that they could get back together sometime soon. Last year, former frontman Neil Halstead played a pair of solo shows in London, and his old bandmate Rachel Goswell joined him for a few songs. And in an interview last year, Halstead said that the band was open to getting back together; the only requirement would be “just shitloads of money.” Signs now show that someone has anted up. As Vanyaland points out, there’s a new Slowdive Twitter account that’s been quietly activated, and all the band members except Halstead were among the first followers. They have also been counting down to 1/29 on their person Twitters. That’s obviously something less than a formal announcement, but it’s still a hopeful sign.

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  1. I’ll guess they’ll curate an ATP or play Primavera Sound if they do reunite. Halstead could stand for this to happen. I know he’s the new Alcest album and all, but as for his solo stuff, I have not liked how it’s made him buddies with Jack Johnson one bit.

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  3. As far as I’m concerned Slowdive tapped into something way better than My Bloody Valentine. A dreamier side of the coin. But it’s still so different it’s hard to compare, really. Most of the crummy neo-shoegaze bands that exist today sound more like they’re watering down Slowdive than MBV anyway.

    I may get crucified for this, but by and large I think a lot of MBV songs are pretty boring. The sounds are amazing and they’re good in their own context, but like, not much really happens. Slowdive (if i can play the comparison game), wrote much better songs.

    Either way, if there was one band I wanted to get back together – even just for the damn money – it’d be Slowdive. They never got their due when they were around, so as far as I’m concerned, a celebratory payday for them is long overdue.

    • I agree. I’m a huge fan of both, and yet i still get more excited at the prospect of seeing Slowdive in my lifetime. they were always one of those bands that i loved and would passionately turn friends on to them. It may even be my fault that there are so many weak Slowdive revivalist bands around, especially where i live in Scandinavia. I have never heard or used the term “shoe gaze” so much as in 2013, and i can’t even remember hearing the term in the 90′s the first time. I really hope they continue with the Mojave 3 vein of a more organic approach, rather than dragging out all the effects and retro gear like the younger bands, Halstead is really an amazing songwriter and proves time and time again that fact both with the Mojave 3 records and with his solo work, As far as Halstead/Goswell’s work together: i really prefer the first Mojave 3 record to Pygmalion, and although it’s kind of a folky affair, it’s still more “shoegazey” than most of the revivalist stuff out there today. I would like to see a Stereogum feature on the bands around Slowdive, Mojave three, True Widow and their solo projects!!


  5. two words: Mojave 3.

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