Tegan And Sara & Andy Samberg

A year ago, Andy Samberg interviewed Tegan And Sara for a ridiculous online skit to promote their album Heartthrob. But even if Samberg did not manage to romantically involve himself with Tegan or Sara, his group the Lonely Island has teamed up with the duo on, of all things, a song for the forthcoming cinematic opus The Lego Movie. (That movie, by the way, has a really funny trailer you can watch at the bottom of this post, and it could actually be really good? Maybe?) The Tegan And Sara/Lonely Island team up is a ridiculously fired-up electro-dance jam called “Everything Is AWESOME!!!,” and it essentially serves as a day-glo aural seizure. Listen below.

(via JustJared)

Here’s the trailer:

The Lego Movie soundtrack, which also features a Mark Mothersbaugh score, is out 2/11 on WaterTower Music. Meanwhile, Tegan And Sara also have a song called “Don’t Find Another Love” on the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie Endless Love.

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  1. I am definitely curious about some of this:

  2. Went into this thinking it wouldn’t be something to take seriously, but knowing it’s for a kid’s flick, it’s good to know that if either sides’ careers plummet, they could probably recuperate by writing themes for Disney Junior and Nick Jr. shows.

  3. I think this songs is the perfect LEGO song! full of caffeine. And to those who think this track sucks, calm yourselves and stop taking life way too seriously. You know deep down this track is fun and you hit play more than once.

  4. Peoples, we don’t need to PRETEND to be slowly won over by this LEGO movie. It looks SUPER funny and instead I think we should get EXTREMELY excited about. Then there is always the chance of:

    “wow, all the good jokes were in the trailer”
    “it was 50 minutes of jokes in a 90 minute movie”


    “wow, they pulled it off. That was super fun! Now I have to pee because I drank a 64 ounce soda”

  5. This news makes me gay (as in “happy”) and I am going to buy it because I am definitely curious about how it will sound. I guess you could say I’m gay, buy, curious.

  6. This is so Freezepop it’s amazing.

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