EMA - The Future's Void

The majestic, gothic, epically tense “Satellites” is the first single from The Future’s Void, former Gowns leader Erika M. Anderson’s second album as EMA. The LP follows the heart-shattering 2011 solo debut Past Life Martyred Saints, and Anderson co-produced it herself with Leif Shackelford, her violinist, who’s also a DIY dance producer in Portland. The album is set to arrive this spring, and now Anderson and Shackleford, together, have directed a video for “Satellites.” The clip works as a sort of basement-punk take on low-budget ’80s sci-fi, and it makes great use of Anderson’s absolutely magnetic on-camera presence. Watch it and check out the tracklist for The Future’s Void below.


01 “Satellites”
02 “So Blonde”
03 “3Jane”
04 “Cthulu”
05 “Smoulder”
06 “Neuromancer”
07 “When She Comes”
08 “100 Years”
09 “Solace”
10 “Dead Celebrity”

The Future’s Void is out 4/8 on Matador. You should be excited.

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  1. Consider me psyched. I’ve had Past Life Martyred Saints in regular rotation since it was released, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this follow-up. My only reservation is that the melody sounds a little undercooked…didn’t quite grab me like the “I’m gaspin’”s in “Milkman,” her vocal fry in the chorus of “Marked,” or the everything in “California.” The album title and cover art, on the other hand, are fantastic. Go ‘head, girl!

  2. She definitely loves the Oculus Rift. And her hair.

  3. im psyched for this!!!

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