Nine Inch Nails

As SPIN reports, one very tough, smartly selected lineup of aging rock dudes will assemble this Sunday night to end the Grammy Awards broadcast. Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl, and Fleetwood Mac O.G. Lindsey Buckingham have intersected in various configurations over the years — Grohl playing drums on QOTSA’s Songs For The Deaf and NIN’s With Teeth, NIN and QOTSA touring together, Buckingham playing on NIN’s Hesitation Marks and appearing in Grohl’s Sound City documentary, Josh Homme and Trent Reznor contributing to the Sound City soundtrack. And now they’ll all be on the same stage at the same time. More intriguingly, it’ll be a rare TV performance for Nine Inch Nails and maybe a chance to figure out which guitar parts Buckingham played on their album. Talking about it, Grammys exec producer Ken Ehrlich says, “There’s nothing better than when the Grammys can rock out, and to have these artists all together on one stage, doing a number that, when they presented it to us, knocked us out, is going to turn out to be one of those Grammy moments that people talk about for a long time.” At the very least, it should a better show-ending clusterfuck than whatever LL Cool J was doing last year. The Grammys air Sunday night at 8PM eastern on CBS.

[photo by Robert Altman @ Barclays Center]

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  1. Out of all the clusterfucks they’ve paired Grohl up with at the Grammys, this is at least makes more sense than Deadmau5

  2. I thought it was pretty obvious which guitar parts Buckingham played on Hesitation Marks. He has a pretty distinct playing style.

  3. Finally something of artistic merit on the Grammy’s and not just another classic rock dinosaur tribute or something. This happens once in a blue moon. These guys aren’t exactly “new,” but at least it’s not dinosaur rock.
    And fuck, what a group… this could actually have some balls too. Makes me even more amazed the Grammy’s are closing with this. Give ‘em hell, Trent.

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