After The Disco

So far we’ve heard bits and pieces from Broken Bells’ anticipated sophomore set After The Disco, including “Holding On For Life” (plus its Nick Zinner remix) and the title track. But the fully realized whole is coming our way today. Stream the full album — to my ears, a big step forward for James Mercer and Danger Mouse — at iTunes.

After The Disco is out 2/4 via Columbia.

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  1. Link keeps crashing Chrome for me. And in IE everything but two tracks are greyed out and I don’t see a “stream whole album” button. Am I an idiot? Don’t answer that…

  2. Thanks, not sure if someone changed the link above or what but it is now taking me to a different web-page, which auto-launches the correct page in iTunes. I guess it’s the artist page as opposed to the album page that was showing before maybe. Thanks though.

  3. Album is good. It’s very fitting that 2014 starts off with an album called After The Disco, seeing as 2013 was dominated by that genre.

  4. I never thought I would attack a James Mercer melody but the opening song, a perfect world, sounds way too much like Death Cab for Cutie. It’s a remix of Soul Meets Body using the melody of I Will Follow You Into the Dark. Other than that it is pretty good.

  5. I’ve only streamed it once but already love it. Can’t wait to get my hands on this record on Feb 4th.

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