Yuck - "Athena"

Last year, Yuck overcame the loss of a frontman, became a trio, and released Glow & Behold, one of our favorite albums of the year. They aren’t slowing down. The band recently recorded a new batch of tunes, which they’re planning on releasing an an EP sometime soon. And the first of those songs that they’ve shared is a strummy, swoony, comfort-food indie rock gem called “Athena.” The song offers further proof, if we needed it, that Yuck can do pretty just as well as they can do scrappy. Listen to it below.

Yuck’s new Southern Skies EP is coming this spring.

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  1. “…an an EP…”


    Nice song, though. I still miss old Yuck.

    • Have you given Hebronix a listen? Listening to it made me a lot more satisfied with Yuck’s new stuff. I liked Yuck’s 2nd album a lot more than the Hebronix album, but it was nice to not have that constant “what if” in the back of my head.

  2. Not sure how I feel about the new Soundcloud widgets being so gigantic. They look pretty with the right artwork (see above,) but are they necessary? I guess this is their way of giving in to the no-words-just-content Tumblr crowd.

    The song itself is swell and mighty. I think if Glow & Behold lacked anything, it was a little consistency.

    • You can still opt to use the old Soundcloud widgets (that’s what I did in Black Market anyway).

      • Yeah, I do that as well. It took me awhile to stop checking the “use old embed code” on YouTube vids, so I’m sure I’ll eventually progress over to the large SoundCloud format in time!


    Seriously, Hebronix = meandering, boring, sleepy, Yuck w/o Daniel = the Shins with occasional freakouts (Middle Sea), but this song is still okay. I mean…that first Yuck album is the best debut album of any indie band in the last 10 years (except for probs Vampy Weeks, #ezra #rastam #2otherguys #pretentioussongsaboutshitthatdoesntreallyhappentopeoplethatdontliveinnycbutisstillsomehowgoodanyway), and then Daniel leaves to go do Daniel things and it’s like…………….the album with Max doesn’t rock. It just doesn’t. It’s like you that new Trix cereal: it still tastes basically the same, but it’s a completely different shape and you’re just like…what. Happened.


  4. Stupid. Grammar. Error.

  5. I thought Slowdive weren’t released new material until later (I kid, I kid, but come on…)

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