“Invisible,” a track from U2′s Danger Mouse-produced 13th studio LP, wasn’t expected to be revealed until a Super Bowl commercial tonight, but it looks like it’s available a little early. “Invisible” is not the first single from the new album, which is now targeted for a summer release according to USA Today, but “a sneak preview — to remind people we exist,” says Bono. Stream and/or download “Invisible (RED Edit Version)” below.

U2′s re-teamed with (RED) as well as Bank Of America to make “Invisible” a free download on iTunes from now until 11:59 PM tomorrow. Grab it here. Bank Of America will donate $1 for each download to the nonprofit, which seeks to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria in Africa.

UPDATE: Here’s that Super Bowl commercial, which serves as a preview of the song’s Mark Romanek-directed video…

And here’s a short behind-the-scenes clip in which Bono describe’s the track’s origins: “The early lyrics were set on a train coming into London for the first time. I remember sleeping in Euston station, being broke… coming out of the subway into the spring of 1979, being 18 years old, it was punk rock in London…”

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  1. Pretty freaking good.

  2. Funny, I was thinking about how much I love Zooropa today. This is pretty great, it isn’t even in my top 20 U2 songs so far but I can see it growing on me.

    What this means is that I’m excited about a new U2 album in 2014, which is a sentence I never expected to say.

  3. well, it’s definitely a u2 song

  4. I blame the monogenre-ization of music for my positive outlook on this.

  5. The song just ended and I’ve already almost completely forgotten what it sounded like.

    • I should add though that I still downloaded it just like everyone should be doing because of the cause. Seriously, if you can get a dollar donated to (RED) just by downloading a free song you should really do that.

  6. Generic as hell, only with the mandatory hip-producer-synth update.

  7. I can do with or without this song.

  8. Well, it doesn’t suck.

  9. Larry Mullen Jr will always be ice cold cool, Bono still looks like a true rock star, even the Edge, despite the beanie, still looks the part.

    Then you have Adam Clayton, looking about 60, in a leather jacket and with gel in his hair…

  10. This has some cool guitar parts and production flourishes, but it’s trying so hard to sound with-the-times and the lyrics are cheesy as hell. This song struts about like it thinks it’s catchy, but it doesn’t have a line or melody you could hum five minutes later.

  11. Well it’s at least inoffensive and not offensively bad like the lead singles from their last two, albums, I guess… so, uh, that’s a start?

  12. When the guitars and rhythm came in, for a second it sounded like they were going back to some krautrock styles… then it very quickly went south. Just sort of.. average.
    Funny how Bono draws lyrics from his youth and “punk rock,” yet it doesn’t keep the band from making lame music anyway.

  13. Words cannot describe this song, but an emoticon can.


  14. Sounds solid, nothing groundbreaking here, but Brian’s production brings some extra quality.This man knows how to produce a band, be it the smallest or the biggest one.

    • Was going to correct you by sayng Brian Eno did not produce this, but then I looked up to see that Danger Mouse’s real name is Brian.

  15. They went full on Joy Division with the drums and bass parts. This is a really well written vocal part and lyric. It’s not reinventing music or anything, but it’s pretty good. U2 aren’t going to win any hipster points anyway, they’re too old for that.

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  18. Sorry U2, but Clay Aiken’s “Invisible” is still the best song titled “Invisible” of all time.

  19. This reminds me of late-era R.E.M., where there’s a few musical touches that grab you, but the singer is the biggest problem. Just like Stipe pushed himself to the front of the mix, with tuneless melodies and trite lyrics, now we’ve got Bono doing the same thing. It’s not actively annoying, it’s just not great. Thought “Ordinary Love” was far superior to this.

  20. This song might be the single most generic song recorded ever.

  21. some full album context could do a lot for this song. or make it more forgettable, we’ll see.

  22. Personally, I think a lot of y’all are straight trippin’, or very jaded at the least. This is an incredibly solid song coming from a band with a career full of incredibly solid songs. For them to still have this in them 30 years in gives me great hope for the new album.

  23. I don’t blame U2 for continuing to make music, just like I don’t blame Frank Black for wanting to make more music with the Pixies. But at some point it’s simply diminishing returns.

  24. it was a bit of a blur at first, but give it an extra listen. its deceptively simple, but its a step forward. dreamy.

  25. The chorus melody reminds me of the outro from “Walk On.” “There is no them. only us” is a nice lyric, to me, but I’m ones of those damn hippies.

  26. I was only wondering the other day when something new would be coming out from my all time Fav Band.. A true fan I am, have been following since 1977 :-) Am excited

  27. Hello Beautiful Day Part 2, I saw U2 first club gig NYC, Nobody is worth what their worth , Don’t ya think

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