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It says a lot about Xiu Xiu’s excellent new album Angel Guts: Red Classroom that the video for first single “Stupid In The Dark” is almost playful. The Amir Shoucri-directed clip captures a grisly murder in disturbing detail, but not nearly as disturbing compared to much of the subject matter and sound of “Dark” and the recently released “Lawrence Liquors.” Someone getting beaten, knifed, drowned, and choked doesn’t even leave a dent compared to Jamie Stewart’s breathy admission of “Once we felt sorry for you people … but not that sorry,” over a single drum machine that stabs more than it beats. Xiu Xiu has been evolving and changing a lot over every album recently, and this reminds you that they’re in an especially good place right now, even if that place is horrific beyond description. Watch the video below.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom is out 2/4 via Polyvinyl.

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  1. Angela is always doing all of the dirty work in Xiu Xiu videos (forced vomiting, murdering people, etc.) And I never get sick of it.

  2. Such a great song, I love the direction they took with this album.

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    • Fuck you.

      • (and I wouldn’t normally say that but this band is really important to me)

        • simply out of curiosity, why is xiu xiu of particular importance to you? if the reason is too private to post here, I respect that. I just enjoy hearing the stories behind instances in which they would actively curse someone for expressing an invalidly expressed alternative opinion (invalid in the sense that it is not backed up with any evidence of what constitutes as “amateur hour”).

          • I won’t get into details, but lets just say that in really shitty moments I’ve found relateability in their songs regarding emotions and situations that fews artists address so honestly and openly (or address at all). I think I got defensive here because Xiu Xiu really put themselves out there and there’s a vulnerability to them which I feel personally connected to and have to stand up for.

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  4. Ok I “don’t get it.” Yet you can’t tell me one qualitative thing about why this generic tripe is any good. Not one…

    The problem isn’t who does or doesn’t “get it.” It’s poseurs like you with no fucking minds of your own, so busy trying so hard to fit into some cookie cutter, pitchfork approved idea of what’s cool that you can’t even be bothered to pay attention to the shit that’s being scooped up to you and passed off as music with any sort of integrity or ingenuity. Wake the fuck up and be your own fucking person and stop trying so damn hard.

    • This is something I like, don’t tell me what to not like. Music is subjective and should’t have to be backed up with a list of bullet points as to why it’s good. Also, you have no idea who I am and if you think that you do because I happen to like a certain song then that says more about how judgmental you are.

      • “I’m not going to let you off that easy Tom. I fail to see anything about that Shakira video that is entertaining enough to merit a top spot. Unless looking hot is all you need to do.”

        Those are your words to someone who liked a Shakira video.
        Do you understand how you’re no different than “Tom”?

        So called “Indie” at this point is just the morose, cliquish little sister of Top 40 music. The fashion sense is just different, but the lack of substance, lack of musicality, lack of basic talent (Shakira is actually more talented in terms of skills than these Xiu Xiu cats and I’m no huge Shakira fan), it’s just the same. You’re critiquing someone for liking something based on looking “hot.” I’m telling you, your perceptions are hardly different.

        There is no difference between the Kardashians and the ChVches or Xiu Xiu’s of the world. Same shit, different fashion sense, that’s all. All surface level bullshit.

        There is actually some great music out there. Please go and find it. It’ll be it’s own reward.



        • I honestly have no idea where you’re going with this. Have you even listened to an album of his let alone his body of work? You’re only critiquing based off a cursory glance of what it is. For the record, I try not to hate on music nor do I give two shits caring about “fashion sense”. If I connect with an artist I will like them. If they sound fun I will probably go see them. I hardly have my headphones off and It’s (gasp!) fun to hear new things, abrasive things, confrontational things, fun things, poppy things, etc. Quit being so consumed in judgement and quit seeing music as a “fashion contest”. You’re not doing anyone favors, you’re drawing the lines and making the shallowest conclusions. In your own words, “There used to be such a thing as Alternative / Indie music. There used to be new and exciting sounds. and ideas, Now every fucking band is just a fashion show.” There is nothing different from music 10 years ago from music 20 years ago from music 30 years ago. The only difference is there’s SO MUCH MORE OF IT. IF you don’t like xiu xiu, why *aren’t* you listening to the millions of other albums being uploaded every day for free? Fuck off man. Unlike that light-hearted and funny comment on the shakira video, you’re saying that xiu xiu and the rest of the current state of music is doomed to a superficial… fashion show…? There is hardly any parallel. He is very different. Go away

        • Thanks for backing me up mrmoth :) Also Shadrack, for your Shakira analogy to hold I would be playing the part of you, in that he we were both holding someone responsible for an opinion they had on art. The difference being that I was (admittedly) judging Tom because I believed his choice was a celebration of a visual work simply because it objectified women (in retrospect I should have given him the benefit of the doubt since I’ve been reading his work for years and have always gotten the impression that he’s a good guy). You on the other hand are judging my choice in liking Xiu Xiu’s because of their fashion sense which has literally nothing to do with whether or not the music is good.

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