Tegan And Sara (Feat. The Lonely Island) - "Everything Is AWESOME!!!" Video

Tegan And Sara’s ridiculous collaboration with the Lonely Island for The Lego Movie now has an even more ridiculous video that is still somehow incredibly endearing. It’s hard not to crack a smile watching Legos getting chased by Lego-gators or being dipped in chocolate frosting. The artists themselves only show up in Lego form, but it’s still good fun. Watch below.

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    • Seriously…you do GET that it’s SUPPOSED to be awful, right? It’s so damn awful that it’s marvelous. I couldn’t possible love it more. Best horrible song since the Citizen Kane of horrible songs, I’m Too Sexy.

      Relax and have a homebrew.

    • yeah you didn’t look it up in the hipster dictionary? the song comes at the beginning of the movie and plays to a montage of the main protagonists “awesome” lifestyle which in itself is oppressive and insidious. It’s meant to be awful.

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