Thee Oh Sees - Drop

Prolific Bay Area psych-garage warriors Thee Oh Sees announced a hiatus last year, but even as they were doing it, they made it good and clear that they weren’t breaking up for good, even claiming that they’d have an album out early in 2014. We now know the details: The new one is called Drop, and it’s set to land on Record Store Day. Mikal Cronin, among others, contributes, and the opening track is a slackjawed fuzz-guitar workout called “Penetrating Eye.” Listen to it and check out the tracklist below.

01 “Penetrating Eye”
02 “Encrypted Bounce”
03 “Savage Victory”
04 “Put Some Reverb On My Brother”
05 “Drop”
06 “Camera (Queer Sound)”
07 “King’s Noise”
08 “Transparent World”
09 “The Lens”

Drop is out 4/19, Record Store Day, on frontman John Dwyer’s Castle Face label. Meanwhile, Dwyer will release his solo album Hubba Bubba, as Damaged Bug, 2/25 on Castle Face; check out “Eggs At Night” and “Photograph.”

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  1. I’ve been trying to stream this for the whole past day and I can’t even press the damn play button. I’ve tried it both here and on P4K, and also from my mobile and directly from the Soundcloud page.
    I even tried to look for this on Youtube and I found one video but it just keeps buffering and I can’t listen to the fucking song!

    I think someone really doesn’t want me listening to Thee Oh Sees no more.

    (sorry, really had to blow off some steam, this is frustrating!)

    • Good call, that link works for me. Excellent, excellent track.

      I did a quick check to see if it was on Youtube by searching ‘penetrating eye’, a life tip: DO NOT DO THIS!!


  2. Really good

  3. oooohh. This is good. God I have been loving the annual release from this band. I hope they do not go away forever. I understand though, all the touring they do and the constant releases must be exhasting. That and the speed and LSD.

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