After coming back strong with their sophomore album Glow & Behold last year, British indie-fuzz revivalists Yuck are already making plans to follow it up with a new EP called Southern Skies. They’ve already shared one song from it, the pretty and soul-comforting “Athena,” and now they’ve got another one called “Another One,” a bleary rocker that hits those reliable ’90s-indie pleasure points. Listen below.

No release info yet on Southern Skies, but it’s on the way.

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  1. Am I going crazy? Or do the top two gentlemen look exactly like James Mercer and Danger Mouse? Am I missing something?

    • what would you be missing? There is only like 6 ways a person can look.

      • I would be missing that Jimmy Merc and the dangerous rodent moonlight in a UK fuzz band. But after further investigation, it’s just that those two pairs of gentlemen bear an uncanny resemblance.

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