House Of Vans

At next month’s SXSW music festival, Stereogum will throw a daytime party at House Of Vans At The Mohawk (912 Red River St. @ 10th Ave) on 3/13. These dozen acts will play two stages from noon to 6PM: Cloud Nothings, the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Fucked Up, Perfect Pussy, You Blew It!, Big Ups, Speedy Ortiz, EMA, Chlöe Howl, Mutual Benefit, Woman’s Hour, and Pure Bathing Culture. The event is free and open to the public, but badge and wristband holders receive priority entrance. Here is a poster for the show designed by Preston Spurlock:

Tell Facebook if you’re coming here.

Two of our fellow SPINMedia sites will have parties at the venue, too. Check out SPIN’s 3/12 lineup here and VIBE’s 3/15 lineup here.

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  1. Wow. This is stacked.

  2. Great lineup guys!

  3. Ugh this is so showoff-y. Could you maybe have stuck 1-2 bad to so-so bands in there? We get it you’re good at booking.

  4. Easily the best South By line up I’ve seen so far…. and I don’t imagine anything topping it. My only complaint is that PILE isn’t on the bill, considering they’re touring to Austin with Big Ups and Speedy Ortiz it seems like a really weird omission.

  5. “The event is free and open to the public, but badge and wristband holders receive priority entrance.” Why not just say ‘Guys, this is an industry event, it might take a few hours for regular fans to get in’.

    • Because wristbands are very affordable and very available and everyone with any sense that goes to SXSW buys one…

      • bahahah bro learn 2 sxsw. Never bought those poverty wristbands, and likely never will. If you’re spending more than $20 for ANYTHING sxsw, you’re doing it wrong.

        • Wristbands are the happy medium between badges and spending next to nothing. I tried the no- wristband thing one year, and it didn’t work. The people who do extensive listening beforehand know the best bands to see. You will miss some of those bands if you don’ buy a wristband. It happened to me a few times that year. Every year since, I’ve bought a wristband, never had to wonder if I’d see a band, and missed no one. If you’re just there to drink and maybe see someone kind of good by luck, well, then you don’t need a wristband and you are doing it wrong.

    • It won’t take a few hours to get it.
      I didn’t have a badge last year and I didn’t have any problems. (OK, it was because I lost my badge on the 1st day, but still I just waited to get into the shows I wanted to attend and didn’t have problems.)
      Also it’s pretty hard to do it another way: Even unofficial parties offer priority access for badges because otherwise SXSW can shut your event down.

  6. This is so great! I am sad I won’t be there :(

  7. I think I’m gonna make it! This is my first SXSW too, so it’s gonna be an exciting week. :)

  8. First timer. I could not find anywhere to RSVP for this party.. Am I missing something? The only music wristband I can find is a “music” wristband for $795. That does not seem very affordable. Is there another wristband?

    • What you are talking about is the Music Badge. That is not affordable. The music wristbands are initially only available online and only available to people with local zip codes. They were something like $180, and they are sold out now. However, every previous year there has been a final batch of wristbands that go on sale just before the music portion starts. Waterloo Records sells them. I talked to someone there, and he said that he would assume that they will get them around the same time this year, so maybe March 10? The last batch is always a little more expensive. I’m guessing these will be $200. I have never heard of the final batch selling out before the music portion of the festival begins, so you will probably be okay if we can go by what has happened in past years and the Waterloo employee’s assumption is correct.

  9. Great lineup! Set times?

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