Kurt Cobain Statue In Aberdeen

Yesterday was the first Kurt Cobain Day in Cobain’s onetime hometown of Aberdeen, Washington, a town that Cobain never exactly praised. By all accounts, it was pretty sad. But you won’t know just how sad it was until you watch the video below, a local news report that throws a ton of skepticism at the very idea of celebrating Cobain. (Cobain, the reporter notes, was “not exactly George Washington.” This is true!) We also get to see the various clumsy ways that the local government honored Cobain, which are a sight to behold. (The statue is crying.) Watch it all unfold below.

File under: “Christopher Guest parody of itself.”

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  1. “…and some fans here think he would’ve liked this celebration.”

    Excuse me, while I die of laughter.

    • I have to imagine, in another space and time, Kurt would be laughing his ass off at this himself.

      And that STATUE!! I just… I just can’t with that thing.

    • Hahaha! Some shit band of kids performing in front of a dozen blandly curious passersby in a hellish strip mall/ town square adorned by a fine selection of pink and beige vinyl siding. As an enormous douchebag reporter wraps up his hatchet job in the foreground. Graceland, indeed

  2. Wow that’s depressing

  3. I feel like I’m about to go very ape over this. Then again, when you have a music legend like this from your town, I suppose you have to milk it for all it’s worth. If I lived in Aberdeen and that were going on I’d probably stay away; sappy memorials like that can really drain you. Not to breed any animosity, but this is simply dumb. It was wrong for them to dive into this, as it’s a stain on Cobain’s legacy. To make a cheap joke using one of Kurt’s song titles, I bet he’d be pissed about this were he still “Alive.”

  4. How many times can they say “muddy banks of the wishkah”?

  5. He would have laughed. *single tear*

  6. this is offensive to nirvana fans, people of washington, heroin addicts, kurt’s family, tv news reporters, and everyone.

  7. With the passage of time, it’s easy to forget that Elvis was also addicted to opiates (demerol) and John Lennon was addicted to heroin for a period of time too (not to mention he was a wife beater). These guys aren’t saints but they did touch a lot of lives with their music.

    I think it’s actually more inspirational to show how human our heroes are. They were able to overcome their weaknesses to create something that is still resonating beyond their short time on Earth.

  8. “Wearing a lab coat and stethoscope and saving peoples lives, you know I still hear his music on the radio and I… I turn it up.” This whole thing is like a weird sketch.

    • I could picture Tim and Eric doing something like this with a cocktail lounge version of “Lounge Act” playing in the background.

      • The more I watch this the more it feels like a Tim and Eric bit. Or like something Gregg Turkington would do on On Cinema to “remember” Cobain.

        Funniest things:
        - “This Summer.”
        - Man looking out window.
        - Reporter behind three guys who don’t know what’s going on, especially man on left.
        - “It got me through high school”
        - Awful, awful band.

  9. A few comments/questions:

    I am sure Cobain would have loved that band. Monster Energy Drink stickers, American Flag pants, Affliction shirts.

    It will certainly be as big as Graceland. No doubt.

    What is with that awkward shot where the news guy is walking up the road behind all of those unsuspecting guys on the sidewalk? Does that one guy have a beer in his hand?

    Why didn’t they interview any of the dissenters? I think that maybe the only one against Kurt Cobain day is the newscaster.

    • The throwaway shot immediately before the segment of the news guy walking behind the three guys is perplexing and hilarious as well. Just some random guy looking out his window with a potentially pained expression on his face.

  10. “Kurt Cobain was a hero to some but he didn’t mean shit to me” -that newscaster

  11. This whole thing looks eerily similar to a sketch on The Onion…

  12. was the statue intentionally designed to look like jesus? Is there a metaphor that Im missing?

  13. It’s been interesting to watch the whole flow of this Kurt Cobain day here in Aberdeen. I’ve lived here since 1965 and can still feel the weight of growing up on the south side of town. There could much said about the tragedy of the death of Kurt but all to often we miss out on the lessons to be learned from his life and death. Should we continue to curse the darkness or is there something that we can do to help others who find themselves in much the same situation as Kurt. Cursing us who live in Aberdeen won’t in itself change anything here only reinforce the entrenched animosity we all to well feel when the news media comes to Aberdeen to do a hatchet job on. If you want to do something that will improve the lives of those who may be trapped here. Yes Kurt grew up in Aberdeen, yes he like to many other bright young people have turned to drugs etc. to dull the pain of their lives only to find that the final addiction is a worse slave master than they could have ever dreamed for.
    Please don’t forget that your negative comments about Aberdeen have also helped create the environment that I and Kurt grew up in, it hurts to the very core of the soul to grow up poor and then to be hated for something you have no control over. So hate us if you will, but if you do nothing to help us to better our situation, you are helping to condemn another bright soul to an early death.

    And Yes I did attend the Kurt Cobain festivities at the Museum. I also met Clint from Gebular a couple of days ago and I’m going to do my part to help them where I can. What are you going to do to help the young people here?

    • The jokes are all in good fun, mate. I’m sure that a lot of people in Aberdeen have good intentions in doing these festivities, and I get that they want to better the town by doing them. However, for most of us here who grew up on, and still enjoy, Nirvana, this whole ordeal seems like a gross exploitation of Kurt’s music, memory, and tragic end. From the looks of it, it seems like most of the people who organized these events and memorials barely even listened to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, if any of his music at all. That, and given Kurt’s known sense of humor and distaste for how seriously everyone was taking his music, and your town is bound to get lampooned. (I mean that single-teared statue is hilarious, come on.) There are better ways, with more tact, to honor his memory

  14. That statue looks kinda creepy. I don’t want that to be the last thing I see before I go to bed.

  15. He’s crying because he heard Hole’s Nobody’s Daughter cd.

  16. come on guys, this town is trying their hardest!

  17. They could salvage this by converting it into a Daniel Bryan statue.

  18. Since the City Council of Aberdeen has decided to censor the phrase of Kurt Cobain, where He says that Drugs will F**K you UP .. If He really wanted to scare some sense into them Kids He should have said that “Drugs will ABERDEEN you UP” .. That would have made the Boys all join their local Church Choir.

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