Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron

You should already be somewhat familiar with Schoolboy Q’s much anticipated third LP Oxymoron — we’ve heard cuts “Man Of The Year,” “Yay Yay,” “Collard Greens,” “Break The Bank,” and “Blind Threats.” But now the whole album is streaming early in advance of Tuesday’s street date. Oxymoron features guest spots from BJ The Chicago Kid, 2 Chainz, Jay Rock, Raekwon, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler The Creator, and others. Listen at iTunes Radio.

Oxymoron is out 2/25 on TDE/Interscope.

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  1. This album is seriously worth a listen. Got a little bit of everything. Plus it’ll blow the roof of your car/apartment.

  2. Great album!

  3. Fuck this, not downloading Itunes. I’ll wait until it actually releases.

  4. Its good but not great. A few of these songs could have been left off like “Studio”, “The Purge” and “Hell of a Night”. Other than that, joint is nice! “Hoover Street” and “”Prescription/Oxymoron” are excellent!

    • Booooo, don’t downvote him. Seeing as how Oxymoron is Q’s major label debut, it seems like they could have cut a few tracks here and there to make the album stronger as a whole (I probably would have voted for those listed as well and opted for a different track listing in general). I’m not saying Q should have kept the album gritty the whole way through because that’s not his (or really any rapper’s) complete persona.

      I would say that in a way, it is implied that him being signed to Interscope doesn’t have influence on the way he creates an album as to my ears it is basically a continuation of Habits and Contradictions with better rapping and more raw beats (not necessarily better or worse although on the whole, I prefer the ones on H & C more). Much respect that they didn’t follow the approach that “concept album” worked for Kendrick, that will be the blueprint from now on for TDE releases.

      I do agree that “Hoover Street” and especially, “Prescription/Oxymoron” are next level, though. Can’t wait for Geoff Barrow to get word, if he hasn’t already, that the latter includes a Portishead sample. Miles better than whatever The Weeknd was trying to do.

      • Lol I’m not down voting it. I just wish rappers would trim the fat on some of these LP’s. We don’t need over an hour of music and that’s minus the bonus tracks. I pre-ordered the album though. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

        I think Q used a Portishead sample on H&C too. Either he or somebody in that camp is a big Portishead fan as am I. I’m sure Geoff would be proud of the sample use here.

        • I’m completely on your side. When I commented, you had -2 because people give downvotes for opinions they don’t agree with rather than for others being dicks. I am against the 60+ minute rap album overload that I guess became prevalent with the rise of the CD.

  5. “Raymond 1969″ is the track you’re thinking of from H&C that samples Portishead’s “Cowboys” (the track that truly cemented by love of Q).

    I didn’t realize he sampled “Undenied” on “Prescription/Oxymoron” but I’ve only head it once. “Cowboys” is instantly recognizable but I’ve listened to “Dummy” about 1000x more than Portishead’s s/t so I’m not surprised I didn’t catch it. “Cowboys” on the other hand is unmistakable.

    • I’m the other way around because when I found out about Portishead (had to of been the summer of 2007) and went to purchase a CD by them, my record store only carried the self-titled at the time. I’m pretty sure it is right behind Return to Cookie Mountain for most played CD in my car.

  6. Schoolboy Q is one of the most consistent rappers out there. This is great and I haven’t had time to fully process it, but this album will surely be one of the strongest rap releases of 2014. Hopefully the quality of this album and major-label backing behind it push Q over the top. He has been steady increasing his fan base over the past couple years, but I think he still gets overlooked to a degree. Dude has a great charisma to him and his songs have great hooks, flow, and lyrics as well.

  7. I fall in love with this more and more each time I play it. But yes, “Hoover Street” and “Prescription/Oxymoron” are the highlights.

    Loved the feature on Grantland, too. Worth the read if you have time.

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