St. Vincent on Colbert

When she and David Byrne teamed up to release Love This Giant in 2012, St. Vincent showed up on The Colbert Report. A couple of weeks ago, St. Vincent made an appearance on the new Comedy Central game show @Midnight. But Annie Clark, you will be relieved to know, is not moving backwards in the Comedy Central late-night rankings. Last night, she was the guest on The Colbert Report, where she used the word “techno-shamanism” without any evident irony, and where Colbert got in a truly great hair joke. Clark is always an absolutely charming interview subject, and during the interview, she somehow came across as both pretentious and unpretentious at the same time. A difficult feat! She also icily knocked out two songs from her new self-titled album: “Digital Witness” and, as an online bonus, “Birth In Reverse.” Watch the interview and both performances below.

St. Vincent is out now on Republic/Loma Vista.

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  1. I love how she actually puts on a performance when she performs on TV, what a novel idea.

  2. MARRY ME!

    Side note, Tom: Why no Heavy Rotation for St. Vincent?

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      • Oh Jesus Christ fuck you, tom

      • Put Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection” in the Heavy Rotation!

      • So is heavy rotation just the stuff you’re listening to and not the rest of the staff? After that essay yesterday you’d think at least a few folks at the ‘gum have spent some time with it.

        • Ugh, the one time Stereogum tries to distinguish its editorial stance from Pitchfork/Spin and it’s a fucking faceplant. No 40 minutes will kick that much ass this year, my friend, I’m telling you now.

          And the parts that sound like Madonna are fucking awesome! But tbh I think it’s more Bedtime Stories than Ray of Light!

          • Seriously, I look forward to reading the thinkpiece in which you chronicle your evolving relationship with this album. I wonder which life event will prompt you to acknowledge its genius?IDK but it iwll probably involve “Huey Newton” because c’mon look me in the eyes and tell me that song isn’t the shit.

        • Heavy Rotation = albums that are out or almost out that Tom, Michael, and/or I really like + are listening to a lot.
          I will give StV some more time, since you all love it so much.

          • Lol, the last thing I’d want is Stereogum compromising itself to suit us. I don’t need Stereogum telling me it’s a great album because Stereogum doesn’t shape my view. That said we can easily agree St. Vincent is the biggest release so far and it’s kind of disheartening to not get some sort of review of it

          • Anyone notice what’s been added to the HR?


            (PS: We just used the power of digital media to enforce the consensus around an album which mocks the conformism of the internet age… GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IRONY!)

  3. I really liked that interview: the teacher in me appreciates the way Colbert pushes Clark to define some of her terms and I also appreciate the way Clark is game to discuss them. I only wish the interview had been longer. Oh, and that new album is really great.

  4. Birth in Reverse was crazy good performance. Almost a shame that they didn’t air that one on TV.

  5. Fist of all I like the Klaus Nomi thing that she’s got going on here.
    And its really substantial of her to respond to all those inherits with such mellow way.

  6. Loved Colbert’s knowing quip at the end of the interview “Are you suggesting there’s a version of me that I’m presenting to the world that isn’t my true me???”

  7. I’m scared.

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