David Byrne at Le Poisson Rouge

Cake frontman John McCrea is one of the many artists railing against streaming services like Spotify and the way they only pay a pittance in royalties to artists. He’s put together a nonprofit called Content Creators Coalition, and last night, David Byrne headlined a CCC concert at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge; it also featured McRea, R.E.M.’s Mike Mills, Tift Merritt, and a few others. I have no idea how this led to Byrne doing an incredibly still and joyous cover of Biz Markie’s eternally wonderful atonal yawp “Just A Friend,” but that’s what happened. Byrne read the lyrics from a piece of paper but only lost the cadence once, and you can watch the miraculous fan-made video below.

Someone should tell Byrne that, if you’re going to rap a Biz Markie song while wearing overalls, you should leave one strap undone.

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  1. i’m really happy now

  2. If this doesn’t make you happy, you’ve actually never been happy and your insides are made of asbestos.

  3. BTW, you can read more about this initiative @ Salon

  4. This needs to be recorded and released… and made available on Spotify?

    • Yeah……I’m a little confused by the whole David Byrne hates Spotify thing. I get it…….I agree that artists should not be ripped off while Spotify rakes in all the cash….I do feel that excessive proliferation of music cheapens the art, BUT………..when I go to Spotify………pretty much all of David Byrne’s solo output is sitting there. I love the guy, but he’s sending mixed messages………….or maybe his past labels are………IDK how this whole thing works.

  5. Are we just not gonna talk about those overalls?

  6. He’s no Tally Hall. But it was cute.

  7. This man is the best man in all of music. If music was only David Byrne I would be totally cool with it.

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