Pia Mia - "Fight For You"

I’m always wrong about this kind of thing, but there’s some vague possibility that the soundtrack to Divergent, the forthcoming YA sci-fi movie, could be some younger generation’s version of the soundtrack to The Crow. Yesterday, we heard M83′s Divergent soundtrack song “I Need You,” and it was amazing. And while Pia Mia’s “Fight For You” doesn’t ascend to those heights, it’s still well worth hearing. Pia Mia is a young pop singer who does pretty nicely, but the real reason to hear the track is this: It’s got Chance The Rapper going in on a Clams Casino beat. The Clams track is fast and sparkly enough to work in a straight-up pop context, but it’s still got his spacey, disconnected vibe working for it. Chance, going full nutso singsong, sounds awesome on it. Listen below.

(via Nylon)

The Divergent soundtrack is out 3/11.

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  1. Chance can do no wrong.

  2. Well it’s unfortunately not a NEW Clams Jam.

    Still cool hearing “Cry For Me” transformed into a full-fledged song. I like that breakdown in the second half that Chance bounces over.

  3. Pia Mia sounds like Hikaru Utada. Kingdom Hearts, anyone?

  4. a Chance/Clams collab had me psyched but this was pretty underwhelming. Maybe i just find the Pia Mia vibe too generic and it’s like 80% of the track.

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