Coldplay - "Magic"

Days after releasing the surprise, Bon Iver-esque single “Midnight,” Coldplay are back with another new song, “Magic.” Both will appear on the band’s sixth studio album, Ghost Stories, out in May via Parlophone. You can listen below or purchase on iTunes. We’ve also got the LP tracklist…

01 “Always In My Head”
02 “Magic”
03 “Ink”
04 “True Love”
05 “Midnight”
06 “Another’s Arms”
07 “Oceans”
08 “A Sky Full Of Stars”
09 “O”

That’s the “Magic” single art atop this post. The album cover is below.

Ghost Stories is out 5/19 via Parlophone.

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  1. I’m very confused internally on how to feel about coldplay

  2. I just heard it… sounds like they want to be The xx this time!

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  4. I love it. These guys continue to be the band I want them to be–you never know how they’re going to sound from album to album, and that’s how it should be, in the tradition of the heydays of R.E.M., U2, The Cure, and of course The Beatles. That’s right, I went there.

    • I think those bands were more creative and stretched farther out. Going to have to live with this song awhile and see…not grabbing me right now.

      • Well, in addition, the bands you mentioned all seemed to be at the forefront of their sound. Coldplay may change with every album, but that’s only because the sounds of pop music have shifted so drastically over the past 10 years, and as we all know, Coldplay are really good at making music that sounds exactly like something else.

        Maybe that’s a talent in and of itself.

    • Wow. I love Coldplay, but even mentioning them from creative standpoint with the likes of those bands is wayyyy off-base. You need to go back and check out these bands’ albums.

      Coldplay is a great band. They put out great songs. They are no way U2 or REM or Beatles-eque in taking chances and really going nuts. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. They’re U2/REM-lite. That’s still great and not a bad thing. Just don’t make them something they aren’t (which many haters and even fans like to do to them).

      • I’m not necessarily saying that Coldplay is as good as those bands, I just appreciate that they change things up from album to album. Most bands–even good ones–these days don’t do that.

      • good comment. I agree. They are a great band, put out good songs, etc. I like how spare this song is. But it’s also interesting. It’s builds in nice ways. Could get annoying though when we hear this on the radio a lot, if you drive a car. But it’s got huge pop radio hit written all over it.

  5. I see the album cover is a return to the first three in form.

  6. I’m surprised that “Midnight” isn’t the opener — it felt like such a scene-setter! But I’m happy they seem to be scaling back, even if this one is much safer and kind of underwhelming about the left turn they just pulled… though still exciting and better than anything on Mylo Xyloadofshit. (Not clever, sorry)

  7. Well, this is ok I suppose. That drum beat is a bit boring, although I quite like the little guitar flourishes going on underneath. I like the restrained approach, but it all feels a little ‘grey’ and tame…

    • I find the drum beat boring too–it’s got a pretty sharp sound to the snare which is kind of annoying, but it’s basically a great song.

  8. I like the artwork though, that is very nice.

  9. Oof, what a gaffe. Promoting a song about Magic with a picture of Bird? It’s as if Coldplay knows nothing about the NBA!

  10. I lost major interest in coldplay after their last record, but at the same time, their first 2 albums were VERY strong. They have it in them. I hope they really have embraced their adventurous side and moved into more aggressive/darker/experimental territory. Chris Martin has written some great melodies, but it would be nice to have them couch the songs in something that has more bite.

  11. This shit is good but it’s cool to hate on these guys because they’re too popular. I’m getting the album. 2 for 2 in my book.

  12. This is way off from what I was hoping for based on Midnight. Oh well…dream is over. Carry on…

  13. This has always been my problem with Coldplay. They have artful ambitions teamed with all the resources and producers available to achieve their vision, but always feel obligated to please their core base of fans. From this obligation, we get MOTR songs like this one when they should really lean more towards a “Midnight” approach to things.

  14. Coldplay, brought to you by the most popular bands of 2009

  15. Song’s alright enough, it’ll fit in well on most radio stations.

    Speaking of which, my local alternative station added “Midnight” to the playlist last week, even though it (as interesting as it was) was completely wrong for rock radio. Instead of waiting for the inevitable “big” single, the clueless, out-of-touch music director just rammed it into the system because “oh it is Coldplay, Coldplay is big band, gonna be number one.”

    Hey music director, do you want to compete with modern stations? Playing a vaguely experimental promotional coldplay single isn’t “edgy”. Maybe try playing St. Vincent or Cloud Nothings or Real Estate, instead of waiting to play whatever will be #1 at KROQ.

  16. Here are the lyrics if anyone’s interested:

  17. how could he not want anyone else but gwyneth ?

  18. Remember when Coldplay was hinting at a very stripped down album after Viva la Vida that they even teased would be released in 2009?

    These (“Midnight” & “Magic”) sound like they could be the tunes/album that they were referring too.

  19. Lyrics: 2/5 Vapid
    Production: 5/5 World class
    Drums: 2/5 Fake and distracting and monotonous
    Bass: 4/5 Maybe the most memorable and powerful part of the song
    Guitars/Keyboards: 3/5 Neither great nor bad
    Vocals: 3/5 typical Martin
    Accompaniment playing: 4/5 Good use of space, fitting and pleasant
    Verse: 1/5 Drivel and repetitive. The song goes no where. You are the same at the end as you were at the beginning.
    Chorus: 1/5 Meaningless, unremarkable and less memorable than the verse
    Bridge: 3/5 Fitting for the song, but unremarkable and unambitious

    Overall 3/5

  20. Man alive Coldplay always has the best production ever. Even if I’m not digging the songs, man they sound nice.

    This is a good song though.

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