Christopher Owens

Christopher Owens had an absolutely flawless run as the frontman of the San Francisco band Girls, but he dissolved his band in 2012. And last year, he released the intriguing but spotty solo debut Lysandre. Today, Owens wrote that he’s already made another album with “some friends,” and it would be nice if those friends were the other members of Girls, but that’s probably too much to hope for. Still, “It Comes Back To You,” the new song that Owens has just shared, is the same sort of heart-wrecking songcraft that Owens brought to Girls — especially to Girls’ second LP, 2011′s amazing and gospel-inflected Father, Son, Holy Ghost. It’s a truly great song, and you can hear it below.

No word yet on what’s up with this new album, but I’m suddenly very excited.

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  1. There he goes again! I have no idea how Owens does it, but when he’s like this he creates music that, in some weird way, sounds like something I grew up listening to yet oddly makes them sound as if they were unmistakably his own.

  2. A very nice return to form after Lysandre, which was frankly a big time disappointment. I’m excited to hear more based on this song, which is indeed pretty great. For the record, the Broken Dreams Club EP will always be my favorite Girls release. Excellent stuff.

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  4. Curious as to what Chet has done since? I couldn’t find anything aside from producing some projects.

  5. I was thinking about Owens the other day, in relation to trend pieces re: heroin use the US and Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death and all that. And how Owens is really candid about his own addictions to opiates, and how he’s had this bizarre and tragic life so far. And how he’s clearly a deeply sensitive guy, which comes out in gorgeous, often brilliant and relatable ways…but it worries me because those are often signs for people who burn out really quickly.

    Basically, I was thinking I really hope he’s able to pull through whatever he’s gone/going through and doesn’t die at a young age. He really doesn’t look too good in any of the promo shots for the Lysandre press.

    And this song comes out, and it’s really quite lovely, and while it doesn’t exactly give me hope that he’s kicked the drugs or whatever (there’s a lot of pain in this song) but it IS clear he’s honing his talents, he’s channeling that pain in meaningful ways and he clearly has quite a bit more to say, musically.

    So, yeah…I hope he is “OK.”

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