Arcade Fire In Minneapolis, MN

In a nod to Minneapolis, where they played the second night of their U.S. tour earlier tonight, Arcade Fire kicked off their encore with a cover of Prince’s “Controversy.” The song was actually on the setlist for the tour opener in Louisville Thursday night, but they ended up playing the Stones’ “The Last Time” instead. The show was broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio and @ArcadeFireTube got a recording of the cover, which features Will Butler and Richard Reed Parry on vocals. Win Butler wore a box on his head that displayed Prince’s face, then Michele Bachmann’s. Listen and see a photo of that below.

“Rococo” was performed with bits of Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want” and Black Eyes Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” “Normal Person” had snippets of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” Here’s the setlist…

UPDATE: Audio of the entire set is now streaming via the reflektor YouTube account. Check it out:


[Top photo from tonight's show by Adam Bettcher/Getty.]

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  1. How wonderfully strange.

  2. The smallprint says they did “When You Were Mine” too?

  3. It was when the fake band with bobble heads took the stage before the encore started.

    • got it, thanks – were you there?

      • I was there, the bobble head band popped up in the middle of the arena near the sound tent and sang an odd version of When You Were Mine that wasn’t Prince but that seemed previously recorded? Then the rest of the band came back to the main stage and yelled “stop playing” and began Controversy. It was an odd encore break, but fun.

        I can’t imagine Prince is going to be happy about it yet. I’m sure there will be some cease and desist stuff happening. That dude is an ass when it comes to people appropriating his music, even if it’s with fondness.

  4. This band is stiffer than a 13-year-old boy who just discovered porn.

  5. who’s singing? He soudns great. I thought this song was terrific.

  6. This is great. I hate to say it–way better than all the songs on Reflektor.

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