Spoon teaser

We’ve been anticipating a new album from Spoon this year, and today they seem to have given us our first precious snippet of music from that project. A lo-fi video called “Hi” uploaded to Spoon’s YouTube account contains 26 seconds of sounds that are quite Spoon-y indeed. Then there’s this tweet from yesterday:

Have a listen below.

Spoon’s album, their first since 2010′s Transference, is expected this year on Merge.

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  1. Oh this is good news…if I may quote Mr. Byrne…same as it ever was, same as it ever was…can already tell its got a little Beast, Dragon, Adored workin for it, which can never be a bad thing

  2. That crazy guitar noise that comes in around 0:11 is awesome. I really like weird, edgy Spoon.

    • yes! Transference was possibly their weirdest, edgiest, and best album, and sounds like this could be even more of those things. Why do other bands even try?

      • Transference had its weaknesses but made up for it with some incredible strengths. Before Destruction, Who Makes Your Money and Out Go The Lights have got to be three of their best songs and this seems to be following along the same lines.

        • Yeah a weak song or two but even Kill The Moonlight had a clunker or two.

          All the songs you mentioned plus the 3 big “hits” and “Goodnight Laura” are all incredible songs.

          And “Nobody Gets Me But You” is the most meaningful song Britt Daniel has ever done.

          • Yer! and everyone has their own way of reading the album, for me the weak spots are I Saw the Light and Trouble Comes Running – I feel they’re too poppy to complement the rest of the album.

            Man this album could come sooner than we think!!

        • Its also very Mathematical Mindish in that sense, too.

      • Love ‘Transference’. Love just about everything Spoon (and most Brit side projects) has ever released, in fact. But weirdest, edgiest? I think that honor would go to ‘A Series Of Sneaks’, which in fact was part of the reason that I liked ‘Transference’ so much – that it harkened back to the older, rawer sound (at times).

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG well okay, I was a tad underwhelmed with Transference, and that could be the best track on the thing by far, but OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

  4. OH GOD, I hope they’re continuing with the rawer Transference sound than going back to the effortless cool from the past. Also got a very Animals era Pink Floyd vibe from the snippet

  5. at first, form the snippet, i was afraid of dad-rock, and then… that guitar.. ..haha wtf??? sick.

  6. spoon me to the moon

  7. That guitar sound makes my head want to explode the most positive way one’s head can explode.

  8. About damn time!!!

  9. They just couldn’t stand not conquering this decade too.

  10. Spoon, man. Come together with your hands. Save me, I’m together with your plan.

  11. Studio WIZAHDS, these guys. Can’t wait.

  12. Kinda crazy how 26 seconds can get ya so excited.

  13. Forkin’ awesome.

    (I’ll show myself out)

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