Skrillex - Recess

It’s not quite the same thing as pulling a Beyoncé, but a little more than a week ago, nobody even knew that the divisive dubstep moppet Skrillex was working on an album, and now that album, entitled Recess, is set to come out next week. The album is actually Skrillex’s full-length debut; to this date, he’s made his name on EPs and remixes and his face-melting DJ sets. The LP features collaborations from people like Chance The Rapper, Diplo, Niki & The Dove, Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, and K-Pop stars G-Dragon and CL. The album is streaming right now on Skrillex’s free Alien Ride app. (It’s supposed to be on iTunes Radio now, too, but that doesn’t appear to be working at the moment.)

Recess is out 3/18 on OWSLA.

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  1. i fucking hate skrillex for reasons i am still trying to figure out. Mainly because my head wants to implode every time i hear one of his songs. That being said, I checked out the first track from his new album. I kinda dug it. It still made my head want to implode, but in a good way, i guess?

  2. I want to listen to the Michael Angelakos track, but why am I so allergic to iTunes’ advanced album streams?

    • Glad I’m not the only one. The system they had pre-Radio worked fine! The sound quality is alright, but they break up the album’s flow with advertisements for the album you’re listening to and the interface can be cumbersome.
      They really could learn a thing or two from some of the better advance streaming platforms out there.

  3. It’s a no from me. I’d rather my dentist took a drill to my head.

  4. In spite of that impressive guest list, I’ve 180’d so many times on my opinion of Skrillex at this point that I just don’t know how to approach him or this album now. I started out by liking him because “OMG WATS DUBSTEP” and “LOL THIS IS SIIIIIICK” (yeah, I was a freshman in college then >_>) then I started hating him because “OMG SKIRLEX SUX LOL” and then I started liking him again because “It’s silly to hate something just because everyone else does” then I started disliking him again because “If I’m just going to be honest, I just don’t like how his music sounds” and now I’m more or less ambivalent. But, I think if I try and listen to this album my head will explode. (Which is probably his intent, but whatever.)

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