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  • Lady Gaga Performs On The Doritos #BoldStage At SXSW '14
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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s off-then-on Doritos SXSWstravaganza went down last night, not at the giant parking lot vending machine stage but at the midsized amphitheater Stubb’s. Fans who attended had to prove their #Boldness by accepting a Doritos #Bold social media mission in advance of the event. During the climax of Gaga’s performance of ARTPOP anti-rape track “Swine,” she rode a mechanical pig while performance artist and “vomit painter” Millie Brown spewed neon green liquid all over her. Sure puts me in the mood for some tasty Doritos!

As Rolling Stone reports, this was intended as an anti-rape demonstration:

While Gaga lay on her back, writhing on the rotating pig, Brown straddled her and humped her. It would have been a burlesque version of overheated sexuality — except that Brown was sticking her fingers down her throat, regurgitating black goo that splattered all over Gaga. The result was memorable and genuinely unsettling: even with the apron, unwanted body fluids were all over Gaga, in her skin and her dreadlocks. For the rest of the show, Gaga would have this black sheen, marking her as a metaphorical survivor of rape and an actual survivor of performance art.

Gaga also turned on a spit, dueted with Twista, berated mobile phone users, and fellated a sausage, and audience members were exhorted to offer embarrassing confessions on social media in exchange for free chips. It was bold. Watch Gaga get puked on below.

Even if you think everything about this is patently absurd, you gotta appreciate Gaga speaking out against rape in a way that can’t be ignored.

[Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.]

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  1. Ewwwwwwwwww dreadlocks.

  2. According to Billboard she also was quoted as saying, “You don’t need a fucking record label, you don’t need a company.” Uhhh…

  3. Now THAT is how you write a headline. I love what what we have become.

  4. Coming up next week on stereogum: think pieces on Lady Gaga’s musicianship and indie-minded performance artistry

  5. Art will eat itself… then vomit back up.

  6. Over in Ireland, we’d refer to her as an “ejit”.

  7. Funny, I ate one of those Doritos Locos tacos and also threw up bright colors. That is some fantastic marketing synergy.

  8. i know its not the point of lady gaga but man, her music is terrible.

  9. Throbbing Gristle.

  10. Remember, guys, this WAS the woman who recently exhorted R. Kelly to “do what [he] wants with [her] body,” this really isn’t that shocking. :P

  11. Okay Miley, top that.

  12. On a serious note (going all grandpa again), the shock value allure here is so staged, so obvious, so pointless, so worthless. Bands go to SXSW to give the world songs, music, something worth believing in, something worth fighting/dying for, blood, sweat and tears, not a trainwreck and vomit. Please tell the girl not to try and sell her desperation along with her soul.

    • SxSW isn’t about shock value; it’s about music, and advertisement and youth-oriented product positioning.

      That, and getting toasted. Nicely toasted.

  13. Although it was planned ahead, bc obviously, there was something about this that felt extremely raw and visceral. The song is about her being sexually abused and for me, the vileness of this all, the puking, on someone else for that matter, the act of “purging” all these awful things from yourself, it was very effective. For me at least. Im not gonna fuckin act like im not a Gaga fan, bc I am, but ill be the first (deny i ever wrote this) that sometimes Gaga can come off as inauthentic. This performance however was extremely real and authentic for me. It was absolutely disgusting, but there was something so freeing about it, something about it that made it kind of beautiful. Like they say, in art, it either works, or it doesn’t. In this instance, i believe it did.

  14. I Don’t Want To Live Anymore

  15. That’s a man baby!

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