Tyler, The Creator Arrested At SXSW

UPDATE: Tyler was charged with a Class A Misdemeanor and released on $25,000 bail. He’s since spoken out on Twitter about the incident…

Here is his mugshot:


Tyler, The Creator has been arrested by the Austin police. As previously reported, the Odd Future ringleader encouraged fans to break down a barricade during a SXSW concert at Austin’s Scoot Inn. What at first seemed like criminally bad taste (given that Tyler’s show Wednesday was canceled due to the hit-and-run that killed two people and injured 23) has now been classified as actual criminal behavior. TMZ is reporting that Tyler, born Tyler Okonma, was booked this afternoon at a Texas airport on charges of inciting a riot. Police posted video (viewable below) of Tyler egging on the crowd toward violent, mob-like behavior. Per TMZ’s report, “According to the warrant … a bartender at the facility told police he tried protecting a woman from getting trampled on … but a guy punched him in the face for it.” Tyler is still in custody at the moment on $3,500 bond. Watch the footage below.

[Photo via TMZ.]

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  1. I’m sure this will be a selling point for many Odd Future fans. I really don’t understand the appeal of Tyler or any of the OF crew. They aren’t terrible rappers, but they rap about stupid shit and although I generally try to separate the artist from their work it’s hard to ignore what douchebags they all seem to be. They’re like a slightly more talented ICP.

    • Tyler the Creator and Co. are basically just a new way for middle schoolers to scare their parents. When I was in middle school, it was Eminem. Boy, were my parents frightened!

    • Thank you! I’ve said this before here but I really don’t get the big deal behind this guy. I’ve never been impressed with his flow. He’s a sexist, racist, rape culture reinforcing, immature dick. What is it that has everyone so into this guy? Am I just too old to get it now?

      • No, it’s just that people have a tight clasped grasp on their culture idols. They dig his subversive nature for whatever progressive reasons they think it suits. But its an aberration of responsibility as an ”artist” when their behavior and sad moral stance constitute the bulk of their image. Welcome to the 21rst century. An era of declining of artistic standards.

        • And I know I’ve posted alot on this here, but I do give Tyler credit for talking about the tragedy and sort of apologizing for it and making it clear it had nothing to do with his intention. If he were to apologize for his misogyny, homophobia, racism and rape culture, then he might be a socially responsible artist. Go figure! People might actually be more interested in his art.

        • >21st century decline of artistic standards

          Are you aware of the existence of the Sex Pistols?

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    • Did you never listen to channel ORANGE, Doris or Wolf? Are you aware of anything about Odd Future post-2010? Do you really think that they have absolutely nothing to contribute beyond ‘stupid shit’?

      By no means did I have the same experience as they did growing up, but early on they so captured the more distasteful aspects of the suburban psyche in a way that 90s Lo-Fi and stoner rock did not and could not. Their songs were wild, upbeat, aggressive; in other words, they were catharsis for some. OF have an extremely acute sense of self-awareness in their lyrics — even those they all spit out at 15, 16, 17 years old. They’ve gone as far as spelling it out on some tracks, since some listeners have difficulty catching on (see Tyler’s “Goblin”). Since then, they’ve touched on both intensely personal (“Chum”) and widely applicable issues (“IFHY”, “Thinkin’ Bout You”) in clever and unique styles. It isn’t even necessary to use socio-cultural context to flesh out their successes or isolate their talents.

      Why is it that critics and consumers can recognize the ‘artistic’ merit in Eminem’s “Kim” but not in, for example, Tyler’s “Radicals”? I’m not excusing the homophobia, misogyny, etc that their songs have displayed. But you can indict any or all of rap for those phenomena, even (read: especially) Kanye and his sacred Yeezus. That’s an entirely different discussion, however.

      But yeah. I mean, for suck’s sake, only slightly above ICP? That’s laughable. Earl alone is the smartest rapper on the planet right now, bar none. “Hive (ft. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies)” alone can demonstrate that.

      That your comment is going to be a top comment of the week is kinda upsetting. But I guess not surprising.

      • For the record, I loved channel ORANGE. I wanted to like Doris, Earl has a gift for wordplay and a unique flow, but the only song I could get into was Chum. Seems like Frank and Earl have kinda moved beyond the rest of the OF crew into material that people who aren’t angsty teens can relate to.

        I just don’t see it with Tyler, though. He just comes off as an immature dick and, no offense, but I can’t understand how anyone who isn’t also an immature dick could find something appealing in his music. And I say that as someone who once was an immature dick. I might have loved this shit when I was 14 but I just can’t see the point as a grown ass man.

  2. Brought to you by Doritos?

  3. Uh oh, here comes Rubber Johnny

  4. Can Earl and Frank Ocean just defect from Odd Future so they don’t have top be associated with all this stupid crap that surrounds that name?

  5. Seems like either New Zealand made the right decision or the cops are being dickheads.

  6. I’m a casual fan of OF. I’m willing to concede that Tyler is mostly a goddamn idiot, but I usually forgive him for being an idiot because every once in awhile he’s a goddamn genius. I would never passionately argue with someone who hates him, and I would never passionately argue with someone who loves him.

    I’m saying this to establish that I have a negative, positive, and also a indifferent opinion of Tyler, the Creator, which I think makes me kind of neutral/unbiased.


    I think it’s pretty clear that it is absolute bullshit he should get arrested. If we arrest the guy who said some stupid shit into a microphone for the actions of the lemmings who physically caused damage and threatened people’s safety, doesn’t that give the law free rein to arrest any person with a microphone for actions of a handful of idiots who listened? Aren’t the handful of idiots the real problem? I guess I just have a problem with the fact that “inciting a riot” is a crime that exists, because it’s really vague and incriminates the speaker and his/her words for how other people interpret them, which is dangerous.

    TL;DR It was in bad taste for Tyler, the Creator to encourage people to be sort of violent, given the violence that occurred the night before. However, unless you are a fascist dictator or some other influential figure encouraging genocide or war crimes, you shouldn’t be held legally accountable for the shit you say into a microphone that idiots take literally.

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    • I haven’t read about anyone getting hurt…

    • A Tribe Called Quest? What?

    • Fuckin’ Facebook people. Why is this getting upvoted. “Juggalos but black”? WTF? You realize Juggalos are the FANS of ICP, not the members. All fans of OF are not black. Also, “if someone you loved got hurt by this guys actions then you would be singing a different tune.” Also completely pointless, that would just make someone bias in the other direction.

      TtC is a stupid, immature, moron but lets not praise other stupid, immature, morons just because they happen to also not like his actions at SXSW.

      • In fact (not to belabor the point) the overwhelming majority of the attendees I saw in that video were white.

      • I agree with you, but let’s not lump all us “Facebook people” together.

        Most of us are upstanding, passionate and civil commenters, not unlike you non-Facebook people.

        • Yeah, the whole idea that “I’m not an idiot because I created an account here rather than logging in with Facebook” is so weird. I’ve seen this complaint a few times on here. IF YOU REALLY LOVED INDIE MUSIC YOU’D REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT, FACEBOOK PEONS.

  8. I was tired of him 2 years ago, and more tired today then ever. Tyler is a non musician masquerading as talent where people can’t tell the difference between art and shlock. I don’t like eminem’s music, but eminem’s flow and abilities are in a league far beyond Tyler. i may not have liked Johnny Rotten, but his shock rock provocateur stylings were in a league also far beyond Tyler. You like his ”music”,? Great. But its incredibly reprehensible for him to toe the line and then go far beyond it after people died at SXSW and many injured. Somehow, attempting to incite loss of crow control seems the very essence of the word ”pathetic” and borderline sick. I hope fans of music arnt blind to two pretty obvious conclusions: He isn’t that talented and he is an out of control brat masquerading as a grown up. For all his racism, homophobia, sexism, nihilistic lyrics and reckless behavior, will people still blindly follow him when he eventually succeeds in people getting killed?

    • I agree with you that it was irresponsible of him to get people to push into the show, but I also strongly agree with him that it’s bullshit to connect that to the previous day’s tragedy. If people hadn’t died the night before, would that make it OK for him to do this? Is speeding a worse offense after a tragedy? I just don’t get the relationship

      • Guiriguiri, I think most people are making that connection, for better or for worse. Truth is that even if there was no SXSW tragedy, inciting a riot is pretty serious stuff. Add on top of that the fact that his behavior is like a brutish ten year old and you’ve got the recipe for people questioning what exactly is his relevance in ”music”. I could go on and on as I strongly dislike him, his ilk and supporters, but what the heck, you know?

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  9. just as the Kaiser Chiefs predicted

    • Like Nostradamus, it’s open to interpretation. Some say it already happened in the form of a Pussy, while others believe it happened at SXSW set at the hands of a middle school rapping miscreant.

  10. Pretty sure SXSW has officially turned into an open casting call for the Mad Max remake

  11. I think Odd Future is a pretty cool guy, eh incites riots and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  12. i see he’s taking the chris brown “even though i am actually an asshole i’ll deflect it on everyone else and act like i’m the persecuted one” school of handling it.

  13. I love how in the footage of this “riot” there’s a nice shot of people casually strolling into the venue. This whole thing is being way overblown.

    These comments are a gold mine of hilarity though. Odd Future is apparently not only the black ICP but they’re also the black Juggalos, the non-talented A Tribe Called Quest and Tyler has literally no redeemable talents whatsoever other than being really awesome at rape culture.

    • When I first heard about it, I thought it was a really stupid move from Tyler.

      But from that footage above, it looked like there was a load of space in the venue. It wasn’t filled to the brim, so to speak.

  14. He’s right he has nothing to do with the tragedy that took place.

    His actions otherwise are indefensible. He encouraged the destruction of public property and illegal entry, at the very least. But worse, he put many, MANY people in danger. We can scoff and make light of “how much room there was” all we want. But venue capacity is set at a certain level to give EVERYONE the best possible chance of escape in case of a major emergency. They aren’t arbitrary numbers.

  15. I don’t want to single anyone out, and I don’t mean to bash on chaditoburrito in particular for his opinion of Earl or Tyler because, well, I’m aware that different opinions do actually exist, but my case for these guys being generally unremarkable is a pretty informed one. This is mostly do the fact that I’m pretty critical of myself, too. After reading what I consider to be “enough” of Tyler and Earl’s lyrics, watching interviews, reading biographies, etc., it’s pretty easy to see that these guys spew a lot of the same pseudo-intellectual, naval-gazing observations, analyzations, and critiques that many of us (myself included) have been guilty of barfing out–usually after a couple beers.

    To be super general and somewhat concise, OF and the lot are capitalizing on the fact that they’re charming and interesting in an “I don’t give a fuck, but I also don’t drink and I’m not a typical degenerate” way. It seems alluring, I guess, and I’m sure they probably are decent dudes, fun to be around, but even Tyler and Taco’s appearance on “Ridiculousness” was uncomfortable as fuck to watch. The group’s behavior for the most part makes them look like jackasses. You don’t need to wear Ralph Lauren, always put out your best etiquette, or write convoluted lyrics like Ezra Koenig to appear vital in music culture, but you also don’t need to act like a gazelle that just got tased. It’s grating, and it’s just unnecessary.

    We all realize there’s an abundance of shock factor with many artists today (OF obviously included), there’s controversy and shit to stir up, but there’s also the fact that we’ll never really know for sure if what most of OF does (or any celebrity, for that matter) is for the publicity, for genuine reasons, or just for the lawlz. Personally, without endorsing compartmentalization, I think human beings weren’t meant to emote and analyze their ennui or social environment so much, but then again I realize not everyone is going to feel that way. Point is: it would behoove most people to not laud OF too much. They’re relevant to some, but they’re not revolutionary.

  16. Alright, can’t believe I’m about to defend Tyler of all people…

    I agree with a lot of the sentiments being expressed here about how the WGKTA aspect of OF is getting old, but I gotta say that what was a “man Tyler does a lot of dumb shit” line of thinking has turned into to a sweeping (and VERY mean-spirited) indictment of Odd Future and their music. Tyler’s antics don’t make “Yonkers” or Wolf any less compelling, nor do they invalidate the music made by his friends. Channel Orange and Doris aren’t suddenly less artistically worthy just because Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt are in Odd Future.

    And say what you will about Tyler but he has a keen ear for musical talent. Its no accident that a coterie of talented young people have coalesced around him, the guy is pretty damn charismatic. And yes the members of Odd Future ARE talented, amazingly so considering their ages ( I direct you to “Oldie”, though honestly if you’re this vehement about your dislike of OF one great posse cut isn’t going to change your mind). Also Tyler is only 23, were you a paragon of common sense and virtue at 23?

    And for those who insist on continuing the ICP comparisons, just stop. It holds no water and you just sound like you’ve got an axe to grind. You don’t like the music? Cool, different strokes and such. But there’s a difference between disliking the music and the really nasty vibes and attacks on their artistic credibility that I’m seeing here.

  17. The 3 comments above me are the best comments in this entire story. drgonzo, Jon and cerebus all have something vital to say. The questions of what constitutes responsible art and what constitutes even art itself are just too deep to post on a blog. For what its worth, bottom line, Tyler has the right to rap, do whatever he does, but there should be a line of repsonsibility associated with it. Alot of the hostility directed towards him is because of the flippant and socially irresponsible behavior he exemplifies. We can all argue back and forth wether he”s talented or a musician. That shouldn’t have been a point that I raised. But being socially responsible IS a valid point. I get kinda fed up with the tylers, kanyes and lady gaga’s of music. They all have a sense of incredible arrogance and no moral quams. Sometimes being disgusted with it is ok. And furthermore, being downvoted for being disgusted by it is even MORE ok.

  18. That’s the greatest mugshot I’ve ever seen. OWWWWWOOOOOOOOO!

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