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For 11 days, authorities have been searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the plane that mysteriously disappeared on Saturday 3/8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Concerned citizens worldwide can use the website Tomnod to search for MH370 from home, and now one Courtney Love Cobain claims she found the plane using images from the site. Early this morning Love tweeted, “I’m no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick,” along with a link to satellite footage of some waters near Pulau Perek, where the plane was last tracked before its transponder stopped working. In her response to Twitter user @DR24, she sent an annotated image indicating that some white, blurry water in the bottom right corner might be the plane underwater and darker patches of water across the top of the image might be oil in the water. As you can see in the image above, she included visual aids. Here’s her exchange on Twitter:

So, what do you think, people? Is that a plane, or not? (It’s not. I think?) If Courtney Love actually found this plane, that has to go in the first line of her obituary, right?

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  1. Detective Love, I wonder if there are any other past mysteries you could clear up for us?

  2. If I vanished in a bizarre, apparently nefarious plane heist, my last thought would definitely be “It’s ok. Courtney Love will find you.”

  3. #CourtneyLove2016

  4. It’s almost certainly not the plane, and Courtney Love is insane, but you know what? I can see what she’s looking at.

    Now I really want that failed “Murder, She Wrote” reboot to be revived with Courtney as the main character. Dave Grohl would be the murderer every time (obviously), but she’d have to figure out how he did it.

  5. In Related News – Courtney Love blames Dave Grohl for Malaysian flight disaster.

  6. I’m not happy about being able to see what she’s referring to, but I actually do.

    Also, I heard that she offered someone 50 grand to take that plane down and the police didn’t believe him.

  7. b-rar  |   Posted on Mar 17th +12

    “I’m no expert”

    Stop right there, Courtney.

  8. She does her best work when she’s high. I guess this might be a sign that she’s using again.

  9. That photo is what it looks like when you’re so high that you get an alternate angle on the Nevermind cover

  10. erc  |   Posted on Mar 17th +3

    I don’t have an issue believing someone with a history of substance abuse could spot the plane. My issue is that I don’t think Ms. Love has received even her doctorate in “Differentiating Underwater Plane Wreckage From Whales and Reflected Sunlight” or even a minor in “Advanced Google Earth”, so she is hardly a reputable expert.

  11. Well, well, well. Let’s dance.

  12. A much more comprehensible take on the disaster than the ones provided by the Malaysian government.

  13. Wow, Courtney definitely shot the Bull’s Eye with this one.
    Same way she shot Kurt Cobain.

  14. Is this The Onion?

    • One of the strangest things I’ve seen. Onion worthy.

    • This showed up on my Facebook news feed this morning with the picture (including what looks like children’s handwriting of the word “plane”), the heading “Courtney Love thinks she’s found Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.” It was posted under “The Onion via the A.V. Club.”

      My brain skipped right over the “A.V. Club” part and I totally did think it was an Onion article because, c’mon, there’s no way this could be a real story. Right?

      Well I’ll be damned.

  15. Ladies and Gentlemen…..The next Veronica Mars….

  16. i dont see anyone else coming up with a theory. just because its Courtney Love doesnt mean she cant have her own ideas. and how many of you jerks out there can honestly say that you dont use drugs? give it a rest. you could be a little positive about maybe finding the plane and the poor people on it instead of being negative about Courtney.

  17. lol why would the plane still be floating

  18. Do not give her credit. She found this on reddit. Someone else found it! Dang people.

  19. This was posted on reddit days ago. She merely re-posted it. She did not “discover” it herself. Come on, Stereogum – I realize that your dishonest headline will lead to clicks for your site, but do you realize how stupid it makes this publication look?

    • I really don’t think you could post anything related to Courtney Love believing she found the missing Malaysian plane ENOUGH. And, it certainly won’t change the amount of times we’ll be clicking on anything Stereogum related anyway. So there.

      • Furthermore, I was looking forward to Stereogum posting an article on this solely for the humor that the comment section would bring. You haven’t let me down ‘Gummers! Funny stuff.

  20. kids, don’t do LSD, drugs are bad…mkay….

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