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UPDATE: It looks like more merch may be on the way. Daft Club dug up some additional retro-styled ads for RAM and “Get Lucky” tees, tank tops, posters, and a belt buckle. Check ’em out above.


A friend of mine who used to work at a screen printing shop frequently rocks a t-shirt featuring Daft Punk’s iconic split helmet logo as seen on the cover of Random Access Memories. You can find similar designs (and parodies) all over the world, but now the imitators must bow to the official. Daft Punk is selling “authentic” Split Helmet Unisex T-Shirts for $40 a pop through their website, so you get the privilege of paying concert prices for your band tee without the hassle of actually seeing a Daft Punk concert. Somebody order one for Rick Moody right away.

Random Access Memories, out now via Columbia, was the best album of 2013 according to the Grammys and the ninth-best according to us.

Comments (7)
  1. 1. $40 for this is fucking crazy
    2. I want to buy one
    3. Seeing this today made me listen to Random Access Memories again, so…they win?

  2. My brain read that headline as “$40 Daft Punk Helmets” and I got really, REALLY excited.

  3. you’re better than mediocre merch posts guys. you know you are. what does columbia have on you?

  4. I assumed this already existed. I mean, why wouldn’t it?

  5. Can more rockstars please steal other bands bobbleheads, slag off Lorde and claim their God so we don’t have to read anymore ‘shit Daft Punk did’ posts that aren’t actually interesting news.

  6. “This shirt is one for the ages – an Instant Classic.”

    No. Stop. No. No. No.

  7. official merch line as precursor for tour?

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