Pure X Angel

The twangy and pastoral Austin psych band Pure X has morphed quite a bit in sound and structure while working their way up through the underground ranks, to the point that Angel, their third album and first for Fat Possum, barely resembles the band that released Pleasure just three years ago. The blurry reverb ruminations of that album have given way to clean, crisp clarity and what Austin Youngblood calls “a record for the ladies, about the ladies.” The languid psychedelic country rock that results sounds like the Clientele’s best attempt at a Beachwood Sparks album — or is it Phoenix’s best attempt at a Real Estate album? — and on first pass I can’t recommend it enough. You’ve already heard “Starlight” and “Heaven“; now listen to the whole thing at Spin, where you can read track-by-track commentary from the band.

Angel is out 4/1 on Fat Possum.

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  1. Aesthetically this is awesome. So much better sounding/recorded than their previous stuff, which was always a major drawback for me personally. It’s almost comical to me for dudes like these to make such a smooth and sexy record. Shit is straight earnest. Gonna take a few listens for me to assess the replayability as it’s a little hard to distinguish between tracks (with a few exceptions), but my initial reaction is that this rules and is my favorite thing they’ve done by a longshot. A very pleasant surprise.

    • Personally I think their first album is still my favorite.I like everything they’ve done, but something about that first album had this oppresive/psychadelic feel that they haven’t really tried to replicate.

  2. This is the album that superseded Future Islands’ Singles as my go to listen. Tracks like ‘Heaven’ are just unstoppable and easily make up for their somewhat lacklustre second album. The whole thing is just fantastic.

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