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Back in 2011, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan pulled the surprising move of helping to launch a Chicago-based indie pro wrestling promotion called Resistance Pro Wrestling. Corgan is a longtime wrestling fan, and he lined up an enviable crew of indie-wrestling talent to work his first few shows. Since then, though, Resistance Pro has failed to set the small-time wrestling world on fire. Still, Corgan has big plans for it. Nearly two years ago, he was talking in interviews about how he hoped to make a reality show out of running the company. And now it may finally be happening. A Variety article about the different TV shows AMC has in development lists an “untitled Billy Corgan wrestling project,” a reality show about the inner workings of Resistance Pro. Corgan himself will serve as an executive producer. Just because a series is in development, there’s no guarantee that it’ll ever appear on the air. Still, I would watch the shit out of this.

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  1. Despite all my rage, I am still just a wrestler in a cage match.

  2. Why bother. First of all, as scripted and lame as it is, if anyone’s going to watch a pro-wrestling themed reality show, it’s going to be Total Divas. Secondly, with access to NXT on the WWE Network, you’re better off investing your time in a brand and talent that will in all likeliness last.

  3. You mean William Patrick Corgan?

  4. This is perfect!!! I was watching TV today and I was like “TV is pretty good, but there’s definitely a notable lack of Billy Corgan and wrestling”. I’m glad to see they’re trying to fix that problem.

  5. Anyone want to take bets on the next Billy Corgan headline? I’m going to go with “NWA Announces Reunion: Billy Corgan to Replace Eazy-E”

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