Sam Smith SNL promo

Tomorrow night’s episode of Saturday Night Live is already an automatic DVR because Louis C.K. is hosting the thing. But it’s an added bonus that the British soul singer Sam Smith will serve as musical guest. One of the endearing things about Smith is that he can’t get the hang of the whole encroaching-fame thing, and that’s on full display in the promos for tomorrow’s episode. In all three little mini-sketches, Smith ends things by doing the exact same grinning-at-the-floor thing. I like it, though god knows they need to keep him out of any and all sketches tomorrow. Watch the promos below.

Smith’s album In The Lonely Hour is out 6/17 on Capitol.

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  1. oh my god that’s adorable

  2. Very endearing. He’s just a regular guy . . . .

  3. Fallon did it all the time on the show and he’s done okay for himself

  4. The juxtaposition of Louis, who couldn’t give less of a fuck, and Sam Smith, who is giving way too many fucks, is hilarious.

  5. He’s no gretzky, that’s for GADDAMN sure

    No wonder Janny Jones wanted to ride his bone (OHHHH). <— (said like the line about "diet coke" in keys open doors by clipse)

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