Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp

Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy Camp, the Vegas-based institution where you can get instruction from aging butt-rock stars, has long been one of your best bets if you really want to spend some quality non-sex-tape time with Tommy Lee or Bret Michaels. But the Fantasy Camp is evolving, and now it’s come to encompass another generation’s version of classic rock: The early-’90s alt-rock boom! As iHeartRadio reports, an upcoming session of the camp will feature include guest counselors like Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo, and Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins. According to founder David Fishof, the camp’s “curriculum” will include songs by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. And in further news, you are now your parents. You’ll soon be able to find more details here.

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  1. “And in further news, you are now your parents.”

    Statement would have been fairly accurate 10 years ago. Unfortunately, a weak job force and economy has stymied socio-economic maturity in many members of Generation Y, forcing them to continue to live at or move back home, watching their peers who somehow missed the shitstorm of 2007 get married, have children and take ownership of music from this era since it will be synonymous with their younger selves. The upside is that when you are forced into a state of arrested development, you begin to seek refuge with the modern youth culture, because despite your birth year and mental maturity, you can afford to invest the time in it.

    So basically, I know a bunch of 30something year olds who are going to see Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden because of the nostalgia trip, and then I know a bunch of 30something year olds who are going to see Nine Inch Nails because they’re also excited about Death Grips.

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