Julian Casablancas with Arcade Fire

Lollapalooza Argentina went down this past weekend, and we’re just now getting our first reports of rock-star hijinks. Arcade Fire experienced their second heinous act of heinous bobblehead thievery, as Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas (who didn’t exactly impress in his own Lolla Chile set during the same weekend) interrupted the beginning of Arcade Fire’s set while wearing Win Butler’s gigantic paper-mache mask. Butler quickly kicked him offstage, and it’s obvious from everyone’s goofy grins that this was an all-in-good-fun friendly prank or (more likely) a planned stunt. Still, it would be pretty funny if this turned out to be the first shot in a war of the frontmen, and if Butler started showing up at Casablancas solo shows and screaming for “Last Nite.” Watch the sheepish stage invasion below.

(via Pitchfork)

Honestly, though, if you’re touring around with enormous hideous masks, you’re just asking for this sort of thing.

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  1. Hasn’t the thing about the Strokes always been that they suck live, though? I feel like all of the bad press about Julian’s solo shows are just an admission of him being that way all along.

    • I love the Strokes and Julian’s stuff (even what I’ve heard from the Voidz), but this is what’s been confusing me about their negative coverage of his new band. They put up that video of Take It Or Leave It which was just as good as any Strokes show I’ve ever been to and called it bad. Also, they’re trying to toss the blame on the Voidz as if they’re the culprits, but really it’s just Julian’s vocals, and that should come as no surprise. Again, I say all this in defense of the Storks, but I definitely agree with you.

    • Sorry, didn’t reply directly. Strokes have always been tight live. JC/VOIDZ need a bit more time to rehearse and get into the groove.

  2. Guys, c’mon, this was last night in Argentina, not Chile. Even the video says “Lollapalooza Argentina”. I was at the chilean set and Casablancas wasn’t there.

  3. I always found the Strokes to be incredibly TIGHT live. The problem with JC+VOIDZ is that they’ve barely played together. Julian’s voice is fine, but it’s the fact that the gain on the preamp is cranked too high. The mix hasn’t been the greatest and some of the Voidz need to tighten up.

  4. Hate hater, hate.
    Stop hatin’.


  5. Yea The Strokes are incredibly tight live, Nick Valensi is among the most technically gifted guitarists today, the Voidz arent the Strokes though. Casablancas has a good voice but hes doing a lot more howling than usual. The sound has been mixed terribly so far, but I’d still see Jules live before the Arcade Fire.

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